Trump Contemplates Secret Spy Ring To Combat His Deep State Foes


Of all the unbelievable, but always confirmed, stories coming from Trump’s universe, a report by the Intercept would be inconceivable in any other era in American history; it is that bad. In fact, the story is right out of a thrift store spy novel and one wonders if that isn’t where the Trump cabal found the idea that should absolutely terrify Americans; if only because every aspect of it reeks of Trump’s aspirations of becoming a tyrannical dictator.

Most people who embrace conspiracy theories are either inherently paranoid or intrinsically stupid. It is why Donald Trump talking about the so-called “deep state conspiracy” throughout his brief tenure in the White House is almost normal for him; he is as paranoid an individual as he is obviously stupid. Trump claims that there is a shadow government made up of political officials and entire government departments and agencies working behind the scenes to undermine his administration and make him look stupid in the eyes of the world and the American people. No-one would even attempt make this absurdity up.

The Intercept reported that Trump is contemplating a super-secret spy agency unaffiliated with the United States government to get to the bottom of this “deep state” threat to his administration. Imagine the East German Stasi, Nazi Gestapo and SS, the Soviet Union’s KGB and secret police all combined into one “off the books” private spy agency reporting only to Trump and his CIA chief Mike Pompeo. And no, the CIA, FBI or any other of the 17 American intelligence agencies will not be allowed any access to, or knowledge of, Trump’s secret intelligence agency. And that includes the one and only Constitutional body with oversight of the Executive Branch, the House of Representatives.

The idea for an “off the books” spy agency beholden to no part of the government is the work of Blackwater founder Erik Prince. He is the brother of evangelical Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and a loyal Trump contributor. Prince is joined by a retired CIA operative, and the man in the middle of the Iran-Contra scandal, Oliver North. North was brought in to “sell the effort” to whomever is part of the Trump camp allowed to know the “secret” and will help the private Trump “agency” to combat his “deep state enemies.”

When the proposal calls for being “off the books,” it means sidestepping official American intelligence agencies and reporting directly and only to Trump and CIA Director Mike Pompeo. One ‘former senior’ intelligence official privy to the secret plan told the Intercept that Trump’s CIA director, Pompeo, doesn’t trust the agency he was tapped to lead. So the paranoid fools want to created a secret “off the books” spy network to collect evidence against Trump’s deep state enemies that will not be shared with any of 17 official U.S. intelligence agencies; only Trump and Pompeo will see anything. According to the source:

Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him. It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books. The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president Trump and Pompeo directly.”

According to the Intercept article, Pence has been briefed on the plan, but a spokesperson said there was “no record of [Prince] ever having met with or briefed  Pence.”  Pence is as big a liar as Trump. So there is every reason to believe that yes, he did, meet with Prince who was a big Pence campaign contributor.

Both Prince and the ex-CIA officer denied any involvement with each other or a secret spy plan, but since it is “a secret” of course they would deny any involvement.  They are more than just acquaintances though, and have been publicly working together on privatizing the war in Afghanistan. It makes one source’s claim that “there is no doubt that Prince and Maguire were working together” entirely believable. There are also reports that the “individuals involved with the secret spy plans have held ‘secret meetings’ with potential donors in the Trump Hotel.” There was no word if Trump or any of his inner circle were involved in the meetings, but there is no reason to believe he would admit it if they were; he is a liar.

Apparently, like Trump, the ex-CIA official Maguire is “concerned” about “deep state operatives” ensconced in the intelligence community who are deliberately withholding information from Trump.

A source told the Intercept:

“[Maguire] said there were people inside the CIA who were failing to give  the presidentTrump the intelligence he needed.”

That part of the story sounds credible; in part because Trump has regularly demeaned, belittled, and offended the intelligence community and he has revealed confidential intelligence he should not have had access to; he can’t be trusted.

There is no telling if the truth about this frightening proposal will ever see the light of day; it is a big secret after all. But the story is more than plausible; it is highly probable that it is worse than what’s being reported and completely in line everything Trump has said over the course of his tenure in the White House. He has, in fact, called for some kind of agency to pursue his enemies in the government, and because the officials in the intelligence and justice department adhere to the law, he will welcome creating his own personal “off the book” and unaccountable private spies.

The idea of a secret, privately-funded spy network in opposition to the American intelligence community is terrifying enough, but that it will report directly to Trump and his lackey Pompeo should raise red flags for all Americans for one reason; Trump is paranoid and sees enemies everywhere.

Remember, the intent of the “secret spy” network is to “combat Trump’s enemies” within the United States government, and it will do its dirty work outside of the law and away from prying congressional, Justice Department and intelligence agencies’ eyes. It is a frightening prospect to unleash what will be a Trump secret police force on America, but that is precisely what a tyrannical dictator must do to “eliminate” their perceived enemies and wield absolute power.

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