White House Claims Muslims Justify Trump Spreading Fake News


Donald Trump is too incredibly bigoted to care that when one of the only three media outlets supporting him was taken aback over a revealing set of Tweets, he had committed a giant faux pas. But in Trump’s mind, and apparently his staff’s, he can do no wrong. In this case no matter how big his blunder he was still in the right because he’s spreading religious hatred towards Muslims; Americans should be thankful there is a bigot in the White House.

That was the story from a person who belies the fundamentalist Christian claim that only children raised by devout married heterosexual parents in a strong Christian household are “good Americans.” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s social media activity yesterday claiming that it doesn’t matter if Trump was spreading fake news to incite violence against Muslims.

Sanders told reporters:

Look, I’m not talking about the nature of the video. I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The threat is real, and that’s what the president is talking about is the need for national security, the need for military spending, and those are very real things, there’s nothing fake about them.”

There was, however, a lot of fake in the videos Trump shared with his demented followers, including that they were not about “Muslims in the U.K.” as purported by the convicted religious bigot who posted them on social media for Trump to share. The Mirror published a cursory explanation of “the fake nature of the videos” that first Ann Coulter, then dumb Donnie retweeted to incite outrage and justify violence against American Muslims.

Despite the fake nature of the videos, it was Sanders’ remarks that gave one reason to pause. The idea that no matter Trump is spreading fake news that will have dangerous repercussions, it is necessary because Muslims – that is where the focus belongs.

One point in particular that is a dirty Sanders’ lie was that Trump considered national security in deciding to spread fake news. Trump could not possibly care less about national security and Huckabee-Sanders knows it.  The Department of Defense has, for several years, cited anthropogenic global climate change as one of the major national security threats to this country, but Trump doesn’t care. In fact he refuses to acknowledge climate change exists, much less pay heed to the military’s warningsabout a real and present national security threat.

Trump was also warned by current and former national security experts that directing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to destroy the State Department from within is a grave national security threat. It doesn’t matter to Trump. He doesn’t need diplomats because in his mind “I’m the only one that matters.

It isn’t worth even addressing “the need for military spending” nonsense because that so-called need is a gift to the military industrial complex as well as preparation for wars Trump and his neo-con cabal have been planning. America already expends an inordinate amount of taxpayer dollars on the military compared to the rest of the civilized world, so it is “fake news” to claim there is a pressing need for more spending because Trump is spreading “fake news.”

No matter what Sanders said to defend Trump, the nature and source of the videos Trump spread around is precisely what Americans should focus on. First, Trump is spreading ‘fake news’ from England’s version of Trump’s alt-right Nazi movement. The woman who initially shared the three “fake videos,” Jayda Fransen, is a leader of the far-right extremist hate group Britain First and was convicted earlier this month of doing precisely what Trump is guilty of: “religiously aggravated harassment.

Americans should also focus on why Trump is enamored with a fascist foreigner spreading fake news to incite rage against Muslims. That was the focus of England’s prime minister and Members of Parliament after Trump aided and abetted a religious hate monger.

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned Trump’s sharing Islamophobic videos saying:

British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudice of the far-right, which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents: decency, tolerance and respect. It is wrong for the President [Trump] to have done this.

One Member of Parliament, David Lammy, tweeted that Trump “is promoting a fascist, racist, extremist hate group whose leaders have been arrested and convicted. He is no ally and friend of ours.”

Another MP, Brendon Cox tweeted, “Trump has legitimized the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences & the President Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

And the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, called on the British Government to officially condemn Trump for promoting “fascist, racist, extremist hate group propaganda.”

What should have been a sign for everyone in Trump’s administration to go into hiding instead of trying to justify spreading fake and vicious anti-Muslim propaganda was a message from Infowars’ British editor-at-large. Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars exist to push wild conspiracy theories and mountains of “fake news,” so it was revealing that he tweeted:

Someone might want to tell whoever is running Trump’s Twitter account this morning that retweeting Britain First is not great optics.”

If Donald Trump was a normal human being, he would have self-terminated a year ago out of abject shame after myriad occasions he’s been caught lying. In fact, for a malcontent narcissist who decries any truthful reporting about him and his corrupt administration as “fake news,” he thrives on fake news; typically made up of his own lies.

It is a wonder that Trump didn’t head off to go golfing to distract people from what should have been humiliation for spreading fake news; but he has no shame and in the service of his extremism he doubled down on the  Islamophobia and fear mongering. Despite all the reporting that the Islamophobic videos were “fake news,” Trump took to Twitter again last night and repeated what his press secretary said in a message to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”

This entire incident is a microcosm of just how much of a cretin Trump is on a fundamental level, as well as how dangerous he is to the world; including America’s closest allies. Trump is the only purveyor of fake news in America, but it is acceptable because he is rabidly anti-Muslim. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders was lying by saying that Trump spreading fake news was about national security; he doesn’t care about national security. He also drew the wrath of America’s closest ally and promoted an extremist group that ally is fighting to contain.

Look, Trump has been a perpetual disaster for America, dangerously so. But now he is actively attempting to promote extremist religious hatred and bigotry in our ally’s country without remorse. And he is doing it for one reason and one reason only; to embolden religious bigots and incite them to violence against American Muslims. The director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) summed up this incident nicely; Nihad Awad said:

These are actions one would expect to see on virulent anti-Muslim hate sites, not on the Twitter feed of the president of the United States, Trump’s posts amount to incitement to violence against American Muslims.”

But the White House inciting violence against American citizens is acceptable in Trump’s America, even if it entails spreading fake news from the Executive branch leader; because according to the White House, the threat is real, national security, military spending, and Muslims.

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