Boy Scout Leadership Knew In Advance What Trump Was Going to Say


There has been plenty of commentary on Trump’s despicable visit and speech to the Boy Scouts for the “Jamboree” they convene every four years, and of course all of the criticism of Trump’s address is well-warranted. What is stunning, really, is that an organization “rumored” to teach boys and young men  about the value of public service, loyalty, citizenship, and honesty would invite a man who represents the polar opposite of those qualities. One representative of the tax-exempt non-profit organization actually had the temerity to say the Boy Scouts are strictly non-partisan, and non-political and that the organization hadn’t expected Trump to go “off script.

It’s unclear which Boy Scout representative made those comments, but whoever it was is either brain-dead stupid or a liar. Since the spokesperson is likely not brain dead, they are stupid for expecting any American to believe their dirty lie. The Boy Scouts’ statement addressing the blowback from a gathering that served as a campaign rally for Trump, noted that whoever is in the White House serves as honorary president of the organization and therefore the group “had to invite Trump” according to tradition. Whether that is true or not is completely irrelevant; only a moron didn’t know ahead of time that Trump would make the visit about himself, attack the media, and demean his perceived enemies. If they claim otherwise, they are lying and they know they’re lying.

One of the things the media is very adept at, and relentless about, is covering every utterance from the White House occupant; particularly when they are a polarizing figure and especially during the beginning of their administration. The media coverage on Trump has continued that tradition whether the corrupt psychopath is on foreign soil or in Youngstown Ohio. That being the case, it is literally impossible that the BSA did not know that Trump would commit what many are calling “child abuse” by turning a traditionally uplifting experience for the youngsters into a campaign rally replete with self-promotion, criticism of his enemies, and attacks on American institutions.

Look, Trump gave a similar speech at a CIA memorial gathering that was so widely reported in the media for weeks that there is no possible way the BSA didn’t know he would bring that nastiness to the children. He has made the same “type” of address regularly since he was inaugurated.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that every news outlet on the planet reported that Trump stood on a stage in Poland and railed against the American media and his own intelligence community. In fact, hardly a day passes without massive reporting on Trump’s Twitter rants about his greatness, his hatred for the intelligence community, how horrible a cesspool America is, his own attorney general’s disloyalty, other Republicans, and his perceived political opponents.

For dog’s sake, it was even widely reported by all media that Trump claimed the United States Constitution is archaic and “bad for the American people,” and yet the BSA claim they just “had to invite” Trump thinking he would not be Trump. It’s bullshit and the Boy Scout leadership knows it. If they were “good American” role models for the young men and boys, they would have said “sod tradition,” maintained a shred of dignity, and spared those children from an abusive tyrant.

The Boy Scouts of America dealt themselves a serious injury by inviting Trump to address their young charges and whatever so-called changes they have been forced to  make to be more inclusive were squandered as far as the public’s perception of the group is concerned. That is what happens when an organization alleged to instill the highest moral standards invites anyone, whether they live in the White House or not, who boasts about “grabbing pussy,” his daughter as “a piece of ass,” shooting people on the street with impunity, or calls on their supporters to commit violence against opposition voices; something Trump has done regularly over the past 18 months and something the media has reported ad nauseam.

Wes Williams over at the Daily Banter opined that:

No doubt the Scouts’ leadership is wary of being too critical of Trump, lest they face his ire. But they could have used the opportunity to subtly object to the nature of his speech by reminding everyone of the values the Boy Scouts are supposed to uphold — values that are the direct antithesis of Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Instead, they tried to wipe their hands clean of the debacle by saying ‘We had to invite him.’”

No, they did not have to invite him and if they had a modicum of respect or regard for the organization they lead, the boys and young men they mentor, and the principles they claim to adhere to as “good Americans,” they would have done the right thing and shunned Trump.  They couldn’t even condemn his remarks that not only broke with “their cherished tradition,” some of them heaped praised on Trump for his remarks.

The Boy Scouts of America knew exactly what Trump was going to do, and say, and yet they invited the poor excuse of an American anyway and smiled and cheered as he abused everything the Boy Scouts ‘pretend’ to stand for because “tradition.” The organization didn’t do itself any favors and although Trump made a mockery out of the event and the “tradition,” the Boy Scouts of America knew who they were inviting and they knew, like every living American, precisely what he was going to say according to his “tradition.” If they continue claiming otherwise they are continuing a lie, like Trump.

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3 thoughts on “Boy Scout Leadership Knew In Advance What Trump Was Going to Say”

  1. The BSA *organization* isn’t going to stand up to Trump. Their president, Randall Stephenson, is CEO of AT&T. AT&T is waiting for Trump to order the DOJ to approve a merger with Time-Warner.

  2. The so-called apology from Mike Surbaugh (Chief Scout Executive for the BSA) was a poor excuse for an apology. He said “We sincerely regret that politics were inserted into the Scouting program.” He did NOT say “We regret that the President inserted politics…” He did not say that it was inappropriate for anyone to treat the scouts that were present in such a disrespectful manner; to urge them to boo the former President of the United States; to tell “jokes” that were entirely inappropriate for children and teens.

    Mike Surbauth posted this statement as if he had no prior knowledge of the possible behavior of Trump. Where has he been? Hiding under a rock? Anyone paying attention knows that Trump is either unable to control himself due to mental illness, or is too grandiose and entitled to feel that he has to control himself (or maybe both).
    And what’s up with the grinning idiots standing behind Trump – seemingly approving everything he is saying? Aren’t they former Scouts that learned honor and respect?

    So, why did the Scout organization allow this? One current article points out: “AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson became the president of the BSA just over a year ago, and at the moment he is seeking approval from the Trump administration to sign off on a proposed $85 billion acquisition of media company Time Warner, Inc.” Could this be why? Was Stephenson reluctant to get on Trump’s bad side?
    For more on this perspective:

    1. Unfortunately, no-one will ever know “for certain” that there was expected remuneration for “allowing” Trump to address those children. Of course if one subscribes to “follow the money” concept, it is impossible to conclude otherwise. Smart money says the organization gave Trump a pass for the expected approval of the merger with Time-Warner.

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