California Warns Trump To Keep His Tiny Hands Off Our Public Land


There are a couple of actions that the fascist bully Trump can’t comport likely because he surrounds himself with wimpy yes-men – similar to his business “empire” underlings and reality television show actors. Of course Trump will not tolerate not being worshipped like some kind of demi-god, and he particularly cannot accept being told no by anyone; both mostly due to his entitled rich-boy upbringing.

Americans learned what Trump thinks of the U.S. Constitution as it virtually “told him no” when the system of checks and balances prevented him from being a dictator; he doesn’t like it and it makes him very, very angry because it’s “archaic and bad for the country.”

After this week, Trump must hate California a bit more than he hates America or the U.S. Constitution because its Attorney General told the “big-time wrestling celebrity” Trump no. And, the Golden State’s AG likely really offended Trump because he issued a warning to the wanna-be dictator to keep his grubby teeny-tiny hands off California’s public lands; Trump already knows Californians don’t worship him so he really hates the Golden State.

California has already stood up to Trump regarding his nasty and illegal threats to withhold tax revenue over “sanctuary cities,” and defied his order to conscript local law enforcement officers into the Trump “round up and deport” agency. It is noteworthy that an important component of that “archaic system” that Trump wants gone, the federal judiciary, has ruled that Trump cannot withhold federal funds to a state. Of course that action infuriated the Trump.

Then California stepped up and became a surrogate for a responsible America in leading the global effort to combat climate change; including signing international pacts and setting climate and environmental policy with several foreign countries including China. No doubt Trump is stewing in his own outrage that California dares defy him, but that’s what happens when a so-called president exists to pander to the whims of the teabagger Heritage Foundation, the Koch brothers, and investor’s intent on commercial developments.

With news that Trump directed his Interior department to “review” public lands, national monuments, wilderness areas and national parks to prepare a massive giveaway to the fossil fuel and mining industry, California took issue and said California is not Mormon Utah; butt out of our lands.

California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra sent a letter late last week to Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke informing him that California’s public lands are off-limits to Trump and his fossil fuel funders. Mr. Becerra wrote:

National monument designations protect the irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage that belongs to all Americans, ensuring that the haste or greed of one generation does not squander those gifts at the expense of future generations.

Any attempt by [the] Trump Administration to reverse decisions past Presidents have made to safeguard our most treasured public lands is as unwise as it is unlawful. I am determined to take any and all action necessary to protect the American heritage which has become part of our monument lands.”

The environmental group, agrees with California and issued its own statement alerting Trump that he is not making these moves due to a couple of decades worth of what Trump said is “egregious abuse of federal power going back to 1906.” Like the United States Constitution, Trump concurs with Utah’s Republican Mormons’, Cliven Bundy’s, the Koch brothers’ and Oathkeepers’ assertion that any system to designate protected public lands and national monuments is an outrage; especially when the fossil fuel industry and privateers want Americans’ “public land” for their personal profit.

The Executive Director of, May Boeve, issued a statement right after Trump called for a review to see which public  monuments and lands should be handed over to the Koch brothers first.

Zinke and the Trump administration want to gut the power of the Antiquities Act to shore up the fossil fuel industry.  On top of all the attacks on our climate, now we’ll have to defend our parks and monuments from Big Oil as well.”

It took longer than this author expected, but last month the Koch brothers, through dirty Don Trump, issued an anticipated executive order that targets 27 national parks, national monuments and forests, and wilderness areas for “special review;” a special review likely conducted by the Koch brothers.  Six of those 27 are in California and like all 27, the reviews are for the sole purpose of prioritizing which ones to open up to gas and oil drilling, mining and deforestation, and private development and in what order.

It has been an irritant to the Koch brothers, and particularly Utah Mormons, for years that the federal government legally owns public lands. Republicans argue viciously that the American people’s public lands really belong to fossil fuel, mining and logging industry and corporations interested in commercial development.

The six California monuments and parks the Koch brothers have their oil-drilling, mining and denuding eyes on are the Giant Sequoia, Mojave Trails, Berryessa Snow Mountain, Carrizo Plain, Sand to Snow and San Gabriel Mountains national monuments. Of course the greedy bastards want oil, but they also desperately want the Giant Sequoia land because it contains two-thirds of all the giant trees still remaining on the planet.

California is not alone in standing up to the Koch brothers, Trump and particularly Utah’s Republican Mormons. Two entities, Native American tribal leaders in Utah and the “Patagonia outdoor gear and clothing company” lodged their own warning to Trump and threatened to sue the White House over his executive order to confiscate public land and give it to the Kochs and commercial developers.

The California Attorney General Becerra reminded Trump in his warning letter that tiny-hands does not have the tyrannical power to give away the American people’s public lands to anyone. He flatly declared:

“Trump simply has no legal authority to question monument designations made by predecessor[s] under the Antiquities Act. Tellingly, no President has ever attempted to undo preservation of America’s historic, cultural, and scientifically valuable landscapes by revoking a monument designation.”

Mr. Becerra is right, of course, on both counts. Trump does not have legal authority to question or change designations going back generations or ten years ago. And yes, it is true: America has never had a tyrant in the White House acting solely on behalf of the Koch brothers or commercial developers. What is telling, though, and typically Republican of Trump is his lust to steal more from the American people to give away to the uber rich. He’s trying to steal their healthcare, then their retirement benefits and now their public lands. But for now, at least one state is saying keep your filthy little hands off our public lands.

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