Republicans Aren’t Even Trying Justify Their Contempt For Americans



Any American would be hard pressed to cite one instance of a Republican, any Republican, doing anything for the common good of the American people since before Reagan started raping and pillaging. The Republican Party’s raison d’être has been taking from the masses to enrich a few hundred extremely wealthy families and the current iteration of the movement is certainly maintaining that agenda in grand fashion. However, there is a major change in the GOP’s modus operandi this time that is at once stunning in its audacity and revealing in its evil contemptible purpose.

When Reagan sold Americans on the need to give the rich more tax cuts, he promised their excess would trickle down to the masses and make every American rich and prosperous. From Reagan’s administration up until this year, Republicans clung to that story like their lives depended on it and far too many Americans fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

When Republicans went austerity crazy in 2011, they claimed it was to save the nation from drowning in debt while clinging to Bush’s unfunded tax cuts for the rich that were driving the deficit. Republicans also claimed that killing millions of jobs in the name of  “austerity” was worth it to save jobs and future generations from being debt-ridden. No matter how atrocious and damaging their policies giving everything to the rich and corporations was to the people, Republicans at least attempted to justify their evil machinations.

In fact, prior to the current Republican healthcare abomination, Republicans claimed for seven years that repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was crucial to help more Americans buy inexpensive health insurance on the private market; they pledged it was the only means of helping more Americans stay healthy. Despite that their reasoning was absurd on its face, at least Republicans attempted to justify their evil machinations.

Today, Republicans are on a tear to take more from the poor and working class with an atrocious healthcare bill and tax cut proposals that even Reagan and George W.  Bush would oppose. But this time one thing is missing; “at least some pretense of working for the common good.” That was what Nobel Laureate in Economics, Paul Krugman, noticed and he is, as usual, spot on in his assessment of Republicans’ naked contempt for Americans.

Republicans in the House and Senate are not promising to make all Americans richer, or health insurance more affordable, or create more jobs with tax cuts for the rich, a draconian healthcare bill, or deregulation efforts across the government. They are just doing it because they can and because no-one can or will stop them. They can finally work their evil in the open to transfer the nation’s wealth to the rich without the necessity of even “attempting to justify their evil machinations.”

Krugman pointed out that there is nothing in the current iteration of a Republican replacement for the ACA that will make healthcare insurance more affordable for anyone. In fact with fewer people buying healthcare insurance, Krugman said what no small number of experts warned; the “health insurance markets will be sent into death spirals because of eliminating the individual mandate and reducing, if not eliminating, subsidies to help the working poor.” By now, only someone in a coma doesn’t know that the attack on Medicaid will wipe out healthcare access to tens-of-millions of Americans, a hefty percentage of whom work at jobs without healthcare benefits. And like Medicare,  Medicaid medical services are administered by and help sustain health insurance industry profits.

Republicans aren’t even pretending that their version of health care will be a deficit slashing endeavor because it barely exceeds the amount of deficit reduction in the Affordable Care Act. And it is noteworthy that the ACA was reducing the deficit without throwing 22 million people off healthcare, imposing lifetime limits on coverage, or allowing insurers to use pre-existing conditions as a means of imposing exorbitant fees or denying coverage to a very substantial number of Americans.

Some might say that Republicans were working in secret to avoid the outrage from Democrats and Americans who are going to be adversely affected by their draconian healthcare bill, but that is a joke. At this juncture, if any American thinks Republicans care one iota what Democrats think or what the majority of Americans expect they are just as stupid as the Republican base. Republican leaders don’t care what anyone thinks because they are comfortable knowing that no-one can stop them or their  attack on the people for the sake of enriching corporations and the uber-wealthy.

Republicans know, like the preponderance of conscious Americans, that everyone and their brother understands that their healthcare replacement is for the sole purpose of funding tax cuts for the rich. They also know that their healthcare bill will eventually hurt every American whether they have healthcare coverage or not; they just don’t care. Look, if Republicans are shrugging off killing hundreds-of-thousands of Americans without healthcare coverage and the certainty that 22-plus million citizens will lose access to healthcare altogether, it is apparent that it isn’t just Donald Trump who is evil; it is the entire Republican Party. If that wasn’t the case Republicans would be lying through their teeth to “justify their evil machinations;” something Republicans know they don’t have to do because no-one can stop them.

As Paul Krugman noted, the number of Americans who are not going to be devastated by the GOP’s healthcare bill “is not a winning political coalition.” Although that may be true, he is underestimating the rank stupidity endemic in the Republicans’ base. Krugman does acknowledge that Republican leaders are comfortable knowing that their “voters are tribal enough and sufficiently walled off from information” that they’ll ignore the attack on their lives and keep opposing Democrats. And even after they lose any access to medical care or face financial ruin from crushing out-of-pocket medical bills or watch their friends and families suffer and die, Republicans are still safe because they will blame it on Democrats and rally the base to another  electoral victory.

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