A Real Democrat Would Not Criticize President Obama During A Primary Race

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Anyone who is new to a group or an organization they have spent years assailing usually would lay low and refrain from attacking the group’s popular leader; at least if they expect to be embraced and regarded as someone who can contribute anything positive to the movement’s mission. One thing that most Americans comprehend, whether they are interested in and follow politics, or are members of a violent street gang, is that it is generally not a good idea to join up with an organization and then criticize its leader.

This screed has nothing to do with endorsing or criticizing any candidate for president; it is about being sick to death of hearing a “neophyte Democrat” parrot EmoProg criticism that President Barack Obama is a bad and ineffective leader. Although those were not Senator Bernie Sanders exact words, he did question the leadership skills of President Barack Obama and claimed that as a new Democrat he will close the “divide between government and Americans that President Obama opened wide throughout his presidency.”

It is curious that, like his EmoProg acolytes, Bernie Sanders is unaware that whatever “divide” he perceives exists between Americans and Congress is due to contrasting political ideology, racism, religious fundamentalism and Republicans; not President Barack Obama. President Obama is not a member of either chamber in Congress; he leads the Executive Branch of government. Besides, this latest claim that President Obama is divisive, or responsible for a gap between Americans and government, is a tired Republican accusation that does not carry any more weight coming from a Democrat than a Republican; even if it is a new Democrat.

The Vermont Senator said, “There’s a huge gap right now between Congress and the American people. What presidential leadership is about is closing that gap.” To be fair, he did acknowledge the President tried to bridge the divide, but he said Obama has failed and Bernie knows the reason why; “We need a political revolution bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now.” So there it was; “blame the Black man” for not waving a magic wand and morphing Republicans in Congress, the Supreme Court, evangelical fanatics, and angry racists into Democrats; and for not bringing about political revolution.

This “political revolution” meme again; the one the Vermont senator confesses is necessary to fulfill the “free college and free healthcare” pledge he thinks Republicans in Congress and tens-of-millions of conservative voters will embrace with open arms. As John Lennon said regarding people who want a revolution; “We’d all love to see the plan.” And no, repeating that term “political revolution” ad nauseam is not a plan and  is not going to transform America’s conservative majority, or the Republican-dominated Congress, into a population that will embrace what Republicans will scream is “socialism and more free stuff.”

The divide Sanders believes President Obama failed to close between the American people and Congress is political, ideological and religious; something beyond the purview of a mere human being elected as President. Besides, it was millions of American people who put Republicans in charge of Congress with valuable assistance from the same EmoProg people who claim President Obama is a failure, a lousy progressive, and unable to “close the gap between the American people and Congress.”

A prescient question for the Sanders’ campaign is exactly how will the senator will “bridge the gap between the American people and Congress;” particularly when he has been ineffective in bridging the gap between Senate Republicans and Democrats, or Senate Democrats and himself. After all, in a quarter century or so in Congress a record of three bills signed into law does not speak favorably about any secret ability to  “close a gap” between ideological opposites; exactly the same situation that exists among the American people. The so-called “gap” between Congress and the voters is certainly not going to be bridged because Senator Sanders’ ideas are new or a revelation to the people; they are old ideas minority Democrats embrace and majority Republicans oppose vehemently.

President Obama has called for higher wages, money out of politics, wealth redistribution, and affordable college since before he was sworn into office. In fact, Joe the plumber became a right-wing celebrity because of an exchange between then-presidential candidate Obama and an “aspiring” plumbing contractor in 2008. The exchange was over candidate Obama’s pledge to address income inequality; specifically tax cuts and wealth redistribution. And, as a revelation to the senator’s “historically” ignorant EmoProg backers, Sanders’ opponent for the Democratic nomination crusaded for “universal healthcarein 1993 as First Lady. It is what began the nearly 24 year “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her and the same one many feeltheberns are aiding the Koch brothers and Karl Rove perpetuate today.

Perhaps it is naïveté, or ignorance, but Senator Sanders is not helping his case with Democrats who have been staunch supporters of President Obama. Senator Sanders’ criticism of the President in particular and Democrats in general is nothing new, but it is getting old and as damned irritating as EmoProgs and HamWalds attacking the President in 2009. If President Obama had been a catastrophic failure, one would understand a new Democrat attacking his policies, agenda, and missteps; but that has not been the case and up till now only Republicans, teabaggers, EmoProgs, racists, and religious fanatics don’t get it.

For most Democrats, President Obama has done a miraculous job in the face of the most extreme obstructionism and outright opposition likely ever in America’s history, and only Republicans, teabaggers, racists, religious fundamentalists and Sanders’ EmoProg movement disagree. Obama Democrats don’t like it when Republicans attack their President and it is curious that anyone would think it is acceptable when a Democrat does it; even if they are a new Democrat who seems to think they are running a campaign against Barack Obama.

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  1. Not only is he not a “Real Democrat”, Bernie Sanders is not a DEMOCRAT at all – Period! He is an Independent lone wolf politician that has a long congressional record of not being able to bridge the gap of partisanship with his congressional peers in order to get the majority of his ideas passed into law. He has failed as a REAL Congressional leader, and that should many take pause and question the effectiveness of his Leadership as the Chief Commander In Chief and as a World Leader.

  2. Since being a “Real Democrat” here (aka DEMBOT) means covering up the great wrongdoings of President Obama, then I am proud to be only a nominal Democrat and vote for them because Democrats are almost always better than the Republican alternatives and are the only other candidates that usually have a chance of winning over the Republican candidates. I’m a real human being, not a DEMBOT. Fuck DEMBOTS.

  3. A decent human being would not commit the war crime of international aggression, which is what Hillary Clinton did in 2011. She helped NATO & President Obama destroy Libya and kill thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of innocent civilians. The author of this opinion column, “RMuse,” seems to be an apologist for actual war crimes committed by Washington. Bipartisan war crimes, because the GOP was fully on board with HRC’s illegal bombing campaign. http://www.ips-dc.org/end_us_military_and_nato_aggression_in_libya_says_coalition/

    1. So you endorse 4 decades of a terrorist ruler murdering his own people and other world citizens. Good to know. Also a Hitler fan? Yeah, we shouldn’t have intervened there either.

  4. The conclusions drawn in this article about senator Sander’s political revolution are so incredibly flawed. If millions and millions of people stand up for what they believe in and then communicate those beliefs to their elected representative, then the gap between congress and average Americans closes. President Obama did try to invigorate the American public with a message of hope. What he did not do is inform them that the promise of hope is only realized if they continue to be vigilant after the election. The President’s hands were tied due to the obstructionist thinking in the House of Representatives. If millions and millions of people were to contact those representatives, they may have changed their votes on many a bill and allowed progress (a.k.a. hope) to have been realized.

  5. This article is so naïve and offensive to me that I simply had to take the time to respond. Mr. Bernie Sanders has a clear understanding of how politics and governing works after spending the better part of 40 years transforming the City of Burlington into renewed prosperity as a Mayor, after fighting against special interests and corruption as a Congressman and as a Senator. He has passed more amendments to legislation than pretty much anyone in Congress and pass a landmark Veterans Bill in a Republican Congress. Oh and did I mention that he secured about $100 million of funding for community health centers through an amendment process? Mr. Sanders is not the least bit naïve and has a far broader record of accomplishments than Ms. Clinton’s failures as a First Lady, as a Senator, and as a Secretary of State. She failed in Health Care Reform, she failed with the Iraq War vote (then tries to take credit for Bush and Kennedy doing Children’s Health Care), and she has failed as Secretary of State in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan.

    What Mr. Sanders has tried to explain is that the system of our government is so corrupt that NOBODY…Not Hillary Clinton… not Barack Obama… NO PRESIDENT can do anything of significance for the American people unless it is approved by Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, or Corporations like Wall Mart driving down wages. That is because 99% of the people in our government are bought and paid for via a corrupt political finance system where billionaires buy elections. Buffet poured millions into Hillary’s PAC. The Koch Brothers are claiming they will spend a half a billion dollars to buy the election for the GOP. Hillary Clinton cannot do anything if elected President. So those of you who are supporting Ms. Clinton because she will be “more effective” or because Mr. Sanders to you is “pie in the sky”. You need to be a bit more educated on political corruption. Everything Ms. Clinton says is pie in the sky. Mr. Obama can’t even get gun reform passed supported by 90% of Americans. Why? Special interests.

    What is needed is what Bernie calls a “Political Revolution”. The author here simply is very naïve and doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand what that means. He hasn’t read history. Every meaningful change in the country came from political revolutionary movements. Look at: the suffrage movement that freed the slaves, look at women’s rights, look at civil rights, look at gay rights, look at environmental rights passed under Richard Nixon. It takes a vibrant “socialized” Democracy involved in the body politic to get anything for working people done. You have to be a student of history and understand that simply electing your candidate and sitting back and watching is not enough. You have to be a part of the movement of change.

    Lastly, I want to address directly this idea that you can’t criticize a Democratic President in a primary. That is absolutely absurd. Hillary Clinton said herself that it is somehow okay for her to get all of this wallstreet money because “President Obama got more than anyone in history”. Yes, that is the PROBLEM. He has moved us in a positive direction. But people need to wake up and realize that it is because of Obama’s Wallstreet money that he: appointed 12 high donors to ambassadorships, passed health care giving 18 million new customers to insurance companies with a cost control, is fighting for the TPP which will kill thousands of American jobs, got in bed with the military corruption of the NSA Scandal, has launched drones strikes and illegal bombing campaigns in Yemen and Libya and other countries.

    Did you know that Obama campaigned against extending the Bush tax cuts? Did you know that Mr. Obama actually extended the Bush tax cuts indefinitely for the super rich? Guess who filibustered the idea? Bernie Sanders.

    Stop voting on party labels and have the moral conviction to think critically about what is going on in our country. If John McCain put a ‘D’ next to his name would you vote for him? The Governor of Florida was for years a republican and switched party until he recently switched. Why would I vote for him? Oh and Obama endorsed him. Wake up and realize that Dr. King, RFK, and many others had the courage to challenge a sitting Democratic president-not out of slander-but based on moral principle.

  6. Sorry, no. I get that there is obstruction for Obama, but the fact remains that any REAL Democrat (ie. Not purchased & owned by corporate fascists) would never have cosigned the Bush #2Big2Fail lies which required US to pay AGAIN for banksters frauds. Nor would a REAL Democrat have cosigned gutting the Public Option from PPACA so as to lock in Medical Insurance Mafia as the ONLY option for Citizens. A REAL Democrat would have called the ALEC supported TPP for what it is: Treason against Our Constitution by Bribed Public Officials.
    Look hard at who funds these 3rdWay GOP appologists, ask #WhoProfits then come talk to me about dinging Obama for selling out.

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