Trump Inches Closer Towards Censoring Media

For all of Trump’s enmity toward North Korea’s Trump-like leader, the fascist in the White House is embracing concepts that keep Kim Jong-un in power without opposition or dissent. After a typical Trump Twitter outburst yesterday, it appears that he is serious in using the United States Congress to target, investigate, and punish the news media and journalists. Yesterday he called on the United States Senate to “investigate” the various news outlets that publish unflattering, but accurate and truthful, stories about him and his administration.

Apparently when Trump took the “swear to godoath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” he was lying.  Of course he was lying and that became obvious the day of his poorly attended inauguration. Trump doesn’t have much use for the Constitution, much less any intent to preserve and protect it; not when he’s violated it willfully and often for pecuniary gain. But this is the first time he has made it clear he wants to use the federal government to aid him in violating the Constitution’s 1st Amendment to censor the media like his fascist paramours in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s panties were in a wad over a couple of reports, and one report that never happened, regarding his strained relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; a strained relationship like Trump eventually develops with anyone who fails to lick his boots. Apparently Trump was incited to a Twitter outburst after learning that his Secretary of State called him a “moron” with “an R-rated modifier” that rhymes with “trucking.” Tillerson’s aptly-worded remarks were many Americans’ reaction to Trump’s self-aggrandizing campaign speech to the Boy Scouts. For dog’s sake, except for evangelical extremists and Nazis, nearly everyone in America and around the world has called Trump a moron – probably with several “R-rated modifiers.”

A couple of hours before dawn yesterday, Trump “tweeted:

Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”

As any eighth grader knows, the “Senate Intel Committee” isn’t investigating any kind of media because unlike Trump, the preponderance of senators comprehend that the First Amendment forbids Congress from abridging freedom of the press.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Tillerson held a news conference after the reporting that he called Trump a “f*cking moron;” a report he definitely did not deny. Instead, he took the “kind-of” high road and said, “I’m not going to deal with petty stuff like that.” Still, Trump interpreted Tillerson’s “non-denial” later in the day as proof  the media was lying by claiming the story reported by NBC was “totally refuted” and “made up.”

Not content to use Twitter to spread his own “totally refuted” and “made up” claims about what Tillerson did or did not say, Trump went back to Twitter less than an hour later; surely to impress on his devotees how important it is for Congress to investigate the press. Trump assailed NBC as spreading “fake news” that Rex Tillerson threatened to resign. He “tweeted:”

Rex Tillerson never threatened to resign. This is Fake News put out by NBCNews. Low news and reporting standards. No verification from me.”

 Besides news outlets or journalists not needing verification (approval) from the liar-in-chief, there is the minor issue of Trump’s wont of spreading “Fake News” to incite rage against the media. It is “Fake News” from Trump that NBC reported Tillerson threatened to resign; it just didn’t happen. What its report did claim was that Tillerson “was on the verge” of stepping down. It is an entirely believable claim after Trump assailed the Secretary of State in public for wasting his time in seeking a diplomatic solution to North Korea.

The insinuation from Trump, and a glaring dog whistle to his zealot followers, is that there is no “real news” except that which he “personally verifies is real” to reporters and news outlets. It is precisely how the “news” is curated in North Korea; only news personally approved by Kim Jong-un is real and verified as suitable for delivery to the public.

Many politicians have rocky relationships with the free press, especially those who lie at about the same rate most people use a toilet. But Trump is a different animal, (all due respect to every animal on the planet). Since his campaign he has made inciting animus toward the press nearly as high a priority as boasting about himself at every opportunity.

Trump has regularly assailed reporters en masse, and very personally. He incites his acolytes, especially in rallies, against various media outlets and reporters, and hypocritically accused individual reporters of sedition. As an aside, writing an accurate story is only considered seditious in countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

During the campaign Trump made a big deal out of wanting libel laws changed to make it easier to sue news outlets he considers spreading fake news; like accurate stories and stories that don’t acknowledge his divinity. He also uses “memes” of violence against news outlets and they are not humorous or inconsequential. They are highly successful incremental acts to incite his followers to violence against the free press.

Although this latest call for the Senate to investigate news outlets is an authoritarian dictator’s move, and it is no revelation that Trump wants the authority to censor the free press, there is the “vengeance” factor Trump is renowned for. Remember, it was the free press that reported every moronic word Trump uttered as well as reporting that Trump is connected to Russia; and that he lies more often than an infant soils its diaper. Those accurately reported stories are one of the reasons the public even knows why the Senate Intelligence Committee, like several other committees and 17 different intelligence agencies, are investigating the corrupt fascist. Getting vengeance on people he thinks wronged him is Trump’s admitted raison d’être. Now he thinks the White House gives him authority to “get back” at his perceived enemies and it explains his attacks on the NFL and now poses a serious threat to the free press.

It is uncertain if anything comes from this latest authoritarian move, at least legally and in the near future. But what is certain is that Trump continues instilling a violent distrust of the media, and the truth, into his feeble-minded acolytes and Americans too ridiculously stupid to recognize a corrupt fascist dictator when they see one.

There is no doubt Trump would unilaterally censor the media if it was within his power, but since he can’t he is doing the next best thing; calling on Congress to do his dirty work. If Trump succeeds, there will still be media in America, but it will be Alex Jones Infowars, Brietbart and Fox News, and the extremist evangelical networks; the only media Trump hasn’t attacked because they are the only groups spreading his fake news.

Fearful of Liberals, Alt-Right Cancels Massive Book Burning

During the presidential campaign there was a wealth of reporting and commentary describing how closely Trump’s rhetoric was to that of Adolf Hitler as he guided his Nazi party’s dominance in Germany. That being the case, it isn’t surprising that America’s Nazis lovingly embraced Trump as one of their own; and not only because he adheres to their dreams of a purely Aryan America. Neo-Nazis may be ignorant and hate-filled, but they are also well-versed, like Trump, in Hitler’s tactics and machinations necessary to wipe out cultural, political, and religious opposition; all of which are crucial to any aspiring tyrant’s success.

As many Americans discovered after the events in Charlottesville Virginia, the majority of American people are not as easily maneuvered, frightened or intimidated by hate as the white supremacists expected. In fact, it turns out that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists comprising the so-called “alt-right” are terrified when decent Americans stand up to their vile acts.

Last week, at about the same time Nazis began crying that they were afraid after “the left” exposed them as haters resulting in the public’s harsh condemnation, an alt-right fanatic was canceling an event taken right out of 1933 Nazi Germany out of fear of being confronted by “the left.”

The event was a good old-fashioned book burning organized by an alt-right rising star, Juan Cadavid, and a representative of the Three Percenters, Brian Enright. The book burning was slated to be held at Huntington State Beach in California and was dubbed “Burning Degeneracy – CA.” The idea of literature opposed by the event’s organizers being labeled “degenerate” was a favorite tactic of 1930s Nazis to justify purging anything contrary to “Nazi ideology and policy.”

Although the Nazis were not necessarily pushing morality borne of religion on German society, they were very adept at using that term “degenerate” to justify all of their atrocities. That is according to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in explaining that in “1933 Germany Nazis purged cultural organizations of Jewish and other officials alleged to be politically suspect or who performed or created art works which Nazi ideologues labeled ‘degenerate.’” And, the museum also noted that part and parcel of wiping out what Nazis regarded as “degenerate” included “book-burning to censor cultural, religious, or political opposition.”

According to a report in “The OC Weekly,” the Nazi impersonators advertised their book burning as an event to show and “tell the people that it is time to purge their homes, their state, and their country of degenerate literature.

The description of the event on Facebook cited the type of literature the group considered degenerate and warranted destruction.

This includes literature of Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, literature with liberal, democratic tendencies/attitudes, and writings supporting the decline of Western Culture. Books on sexuality and sexual education which serves to indoctrinate the life of degeneracy, such as Cosmo and Teen Vogue should be brought to the fire as well. We will also burn the Koran, publications such as Karl Marx, and more. We must create a future without degeneracy for our children.

After word spread about the proposed book burning around “the OC” (Orange County) and Los Angeles areas, “plenty of trolling took place on the discussion section of the event;s [Facebook] page,” the alt-right Nazis scuttled the event after seizing on the “violent alt-left” narrative pushed by the head Nazi Donald Trump. The uber-brave “three percenter” Enright canceled the event and issued a statement in support of “free speech and free expression.” Then he deleted the Facebook event page.

According to the book burning event’s organizers, despite planning to burn books, an assault on free speech and expression, they were frightened that liberals would exercise their free speech rights and protest the Nazi group’s freedom to destroy literature they deemed “degenerate.” In a statement expressing his “strong personal convictions” regarding free speech, so-called real patriot (three percenter) Enright told the OC Weekly:

Free speech in America is under attack and as much as I do not want to shut this event down due to strong personal convictions regarding free speech, I cannot be responsible for injury or death due to intolerance from the violent Socialists.

 I do not want to go into a long explanation at this time. The event was in no way intended to eradicate these publications, more a symbolic way of showing that we do not approve of what is being taught to our children and maybe that should have been made clearer, I do not endorse the censorship of literature or personal political views in any way.”

Mass burning of literature, in most people’s minds, is endorsing censorship as much as it is endorsing 1930s Nazi tactics that included burning what they considered degenerate literature.

The takeaway from the “event’s” cancelation is that these alt-right Nazis are not only hypocrites in decrying other Americans’ free speech to protest against hate, they are cowards when faced with counter-protests. The good news over the past week-and-a-half is that it appears Americans are not going to be frightened into submission by, or tolerate, Nazis or their fascist tactics and that being vocal and resolute terrifies them silly.

For far too long, many pundits and commentators were quick to blow off warnings of the rising threat of white nationalism, white supremacy, and blatant bigotry that propelled Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. It is too bad too, because if more Americans were aware of the real threat Nazis and fascists posed through Trump, it is possible that more voters would have seen exactly what Donald J. Trump represented; a revival of 1930s Nazism. Tragically, that never occurred and now a 21st Century Hitler wannabe occupies America’s White House. It is a dangerous situation that Republicans show no sign of protesting making them as culpable as the idiot voters that put Trump in a place no Nazi belongs.

Image: WikimediaCommons