Poll: Majority Say Democrats Care More About The Middle Class


Any American who believes there is a Republican alive that cares about anything other than the wealthy elite, corporations, evangelical theocracy or self-advancement is either a blind, dumb fool, or a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. It’s no matter that Donald J. Trump is a dumb, blind fool, he is a Republican and knows the party cares about no-one but themselves and the rich. Although they greedily use the evangelical white crowd as an electoral weapon, deep down Republicans hate them unless they’re filthy rich. Still, Trump and Republicans spent a fair amount of time on the campaign trail last year feigning great concern for the plight of the dwindling middle class. Whether that phony regard helped Trump’s move into the White House or not, now a majority of the population says it is the Democrats, not Republicans, who care more about the middle class.

According to a recent Pew poll, it appears a majority of Americans recognize that Republicans really don’t care about the middle class any more than they care about the poor, minorities or the unhealthy. Most Americans already knew the GOP could not care less about the poor, but if one listens to Republicans at all levels of government, they claim to exist for the benefit of the middle class; a claim most Americans don’t believe for a second. If the media were doing its due diligence instead of covering every Trump Tweet and his all-too-frequent golf outings, it’s certain that more Americans would be aware of the dastardly anti-everyone hostility coming from congressional Republican legislation. But that’s a subject for another column.

The Pew Research poll released Tuesday revealed that only 42 percent of Americans believe that Trump or his Republican Party truly cares about the middle class. However, fifty-seven percent of the population said Democrats care more about the middle class; it may be due to the minimal media reporting that congressional Democrats are battling to stave off the extreme Republican austerity cuts and “reforms” that will affect the middle class in a big way. In fact fifty-four percent of Americans say Republicans are “too extreme,” and curiously, 45 percent said the same about Democrats. Probably because unlike Republicans, Democrats care about the rule of law, equal and civil rights, social programs and the U.S. Constitution; all things Republicans consider “too extreme.”

It is noteworthy that even though most Americans believe Democrats have more empathy for the middle class than extreme Republicans, neither party was viewed very favorably. The Republican Party was viewed “unfavorably” by 54 percent with only 40 percent seeing the GOP as “favorable.” Democrats were perceived slightly more favorably with 44 percent approval, while exactly half of the respondents, 50 percent, viewed Democrats unfavorably. Trump was less favorable than his nasty party, but since the poll was conducted in early June, it is certain his numbers are lower today than two weeks ago.

It really isn’t that surprising a majority of American believe Democrats care more about the middle class than Republicans. Most middle class Americans have watched their incomes decline due to Republican economic policies favoring the very rich, hostility towards unions and decent wages while the very rich continue to make giant income gains. In fact, from 1999 through 2014, the median household income fell by 8 percent;  all while the one-percent reaped monumental income gains that Trump and Republicans want to increase.

Now that Republicans and corporations are running the federal government, the wealthy elite’s gains will surge by who knows how many orders of magnitude; and the poor and middle class? Their income losses during and after the Republican Great Recession will look like massive wealth gains when the Trump Republicans get finished handing over the entire wealth of the nation to their wealthy and corporate donors. Why else would Trump install a billionaire cabal and Wall Street titans to set economic and tax policy?

According to the Pew poll’s results, it’s possible Americans aren’t nearly as stupid as they often seem if a majority sees Republicans as having little, if any, regard for the middle class that make up 51 percent of the population. The tragedy is that the 51 percent number is bound to continue declining because neither Republicans nor Donald Trump care about anyone who isn’t white and rich, and their policy proposals, executive orders, and already enacted legislation reflect that mindset.

If Americans recall, Trump allegedly won a fair number of votes by promising “the forgotten” middle class that he, and only he, could elevate their standard of living by “draining the swamp” of corporate and special interests in Washington. It’s likely that creating a stinking cesspool of corporate billionaires to run the government and set policy did not go unnoticed by a large number of Americans, and a majority of them now know that neither Trump nor Republicans care about the middle class any more than they do the poor. The poll’s results proves that the same majority believe Democrats do understand, and care about, the middle class’ plight. It is just too bad they are impotent to do anything to help them.


Eric Trump Says People Opposing His Dad Are “Not Even People”

There is an entire industry devoted to determining why some human beings’ behaviors are so removed from established societal norms and lack basic human traits such as common decency or any sense of empathy for others. There must be hundreds of different psychological and mental defects contributing to anti-social behaviors, but it is not very often that a truly anti-social deviant actually spells out in public exactly why they act without any sense of decency or respect for other human beings.

There have been several “remote” and unofficial psychological diagnoses of Donald Trump’s many and varied psychological deficiencies, and it’s obvious that besides his ‘toxic malignant narcissism, he certainly lacks ‘theory of mind’ that most human beings develop by the time they are 6 or 7 years old. Although Trump displays every aspect of malignant narcissistic behavior towards any human who fails to worship him, there is an underlying reason he has no use for any person who disagrees, much less, opposes him.

On Tuesday Trump’s punk son Eric revealed a deep dark Trump family secret that explains in the starkest and simplest terms exactly what drives the family’s disregard for the preponderance of humanity; even those who give them money. On Tuesday while whining on Fox News’ Hannity, Trump son Eric said Democrats are “not even people” because they are “obstructing his father’s agenda.” Sane human beings would say Democrats are humanitarians for attempting to slow Trump’s crusade to decimate America and create a banana republic with him as dictator. The Trump son said:

I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, they’re (Democrats) not even people. It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country.”

First, there is no Trump alive who has the right to question anyone’s morals, morality, ethics or honesty. Even before Trump won the election it was well-established that the reality television personality didn’t even have a vague idea of what it means to be moral, or ethical, or how to act like an American.

Since he has been in the White House, Trump and his progeny have shown a lack of morality that would make the proverbial Satan blush. And according to polls, most Americans do ardently agree that “we deserve so much better than this as a country;” and that “better” is what Democrats are attempting to preserve.

Now, something the younger Trump needs to understand; it isn’t just Democrats in Congress that oppose his father’s agenda. That being the case, it is safe to say the Trumps believe an overwhelming majority of the American population are “not even people.” And based on Trump’s agenda, a purely anti-human set of policies, it’s plain to see that Trump never considers any demographic as “even people,” including his moronic gullible base. If he did regard the great majority of the population “as people,” he would not have joined Republicans in attacking every demographic except the very rich and those running very big corporations.

According to “the Trump Doctrine,” retired Americans “aren’t even people” because they oppose Trump and want Democrats to obstruct his agenda of wiping out Social Security and Medicare. Likewise, real educators “aren’t even people” because they oppose Trump and want Democrats to obstruct his agenda of privatizing education and imposing evangelical instruction on every child in America.

Minorities “aren’t even people” because they oppose Trump’s unrelenting attack on them as well as every program and agency devoted to protecting their equal rights; as the Constitution dictates.

For dog’s sake, Trump doesn’t believe that patriots “are even people” because they believe the Constitution is the law of the land and oppose Trump’s habitual violation of long-established laws. Real American people oppose Trump’s mindset that the Constitution is just an “archaic document” preventing his ascension as America’s emperor.

Donald Trump knows that his agenda is highly unpopular. And he now knows that even his acolytes realize he lied like the immoral monster he really is throughout the presidential campaign; it is why there are overwhelming majorities from all demographics desperate for Democrats to obstruct everything Trump and his Republican cohort are proposing.

Whether it is taking healthcare away from tens-of-millions, rewarding fossil fuel and chemical polluters, demonizing Hispanics or assailing the judicial branch of government for ruling according to the U.S. Constitution; of course “decent American people” are going to oppose and obstruct his agenda. There is little doubt that the Trumps don’t believe federal and state Judges “are even people” because they too have obstructed Trump’s hateful agenda on several occasions.

This revelation by the younger Trump that in his frighteningly twisted mind Americans opposed to his daddy’s agenda “are not even people” isn’t something Eric Trump just realized or developed of his own accord; it has been inculcated in all the Trump kids throughout their rich entitled lifetimes. And it was indoctrinated into their pathetic psyches by the man who more Americans every day are coming to view as not even a half-decent person, Donald J. Trump.