Trump Judicial Nominee Epitomizes America As a Failed State

For a nation to fail, what is known as “a failed state,” its “political or economic system has to become so weak that the government is no longer in control.”

With Donald Trump in the White House, it is safe to assert that America is as close to a “failed state” as it can possibly be. There is still a “political and economic” system in place, but they are now under total and complete control of a foreign power and corporate and special interests. Instead of “draining the swamp,” Trump transformed Washington into a corporate-run special-interest cesspool. To make matters worse, Trump is transforming the federal judiciary into a partisan rubber stamp for religious fanatics and special interest groups that reliably furnish Republicans with an unlimited amount of money and loyalty at the polls.

Immediately after his poorly-attended inauguration, Trump began appointing either woefully unqualified Republican campaign donors or corporate shills to cabinet-level positions to better serve the bottom line of the special interest cesspool running the government. Of course it is part and parcel of Steve Bannon’s stated agenda of using the Trump administration to deconstruct the administrative state and authorize special interests to govern the people. Trump’s latest judicial nominee is a prime example of the “deconstruction” policy and it is important to remember that Trump pledged to appoint only the most qualified people in America to better serve the people.

The “most qualified person” in America to be a federal judge in Alabama is a 36-year-old man with absolutely no judicial experience because he has only been a lawyer for three years. Even worse, the nominee, Brett J. Talley, has never tried a court case, and was “unanimously” rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association’s judicial rating committee. And as an anti-Hillary Clinton blogger, he demonstrated his extremist partisanship and that doesn’t include pledging fealty to, and undying support for, the National Rifle Association and its gun industry agenda.

Despite the lack of qualifications, or trial experience, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved Talley for a lifetime appointment on the federal bench. The full Senate is expected to confirm Talley’s nomination because he hates Hillary Clinton and particularly because he is an ardent advocate for the National Rifle Association agenda; no Republican dares oppose installing an NRA surrogate on the federal judiciary.

Trump boasted about appointing clueless and partisan judges because as he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed; these special interest judicial appointments will “have consequences 40 years out, depending on the age of the judge – but 40 years out.” That 40 years worth of adverse consequences on the nation are what Trump boasts is “his untold story” nobody wants to talk about. Aware that Trump’s appointments are creating a failed state,  civil rights groups and left-leaning advocates were not shy talking about an inexperienced NRA man on the federal court.

Some of those groups denounced the “laughable” Republican votes to confirm a novice lawyer with next-to-no experience to “preside over federal trials;” especially when he has never even “brought a case” before any kind of court. The executive vice president of the Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights, Kristine Lucius, said:

He’s practiced law for less than three years and never argued a motion, let alone brought a case. This is the least amount of experience I’ve seen in a judicial nominee.”

Several groups joined Ms. Lucius  in appealing to the Senate Judiciary Committee to “reject Talley” because of his “lack of qualifications and doubts over whether he had the ‘temperament and ability’ to approach cases with the fairness and open-mindedness necessary to serve as a federal judge.” Those “doubts” were addressed during the Judiciary Committee hearing on several of Trump’s nominations with special attention on Talley.

For example, Judiciary Committee member Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asked Talley about “his fervent advocacy of gun rights.” Ms. Feinstein was likely alluding to a pro-NRA blog post Talley penned titled “A Call to Arms: It’s Time To Join the National Rifle Association.”

In the post he toed the NRA member recruitment line and parroted the gun industry’s  typical fear mongering claim.

The President and his democratic allies in Congress are about to launch the greatest attack on our constitutional freedoms in our lifetime. The object of that war is to make guns illegal, in all forms. The NRA stands for all of us now, and I pray that in the coming battle for our rights, they (the NRA) will be victorious.”

Talley was doing the heavy lifting for the NRA after President Obama proposed background checks for gun purchases after a gun fanatic slaughtered 20 small children and six of their adult teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

About a month after doing his NRA advocacy duties with the fear mongering blog post, Talley reprinted what he claimed was “a thoughtful response” from another NRA-supporting gun nut who wrote:

We will have to resort to arms when our other rights fail to yield the desired results.”

Instead of repudiating a call for violence, Talley concurred with the gun fanatic saying: “I agree completely with this.”

The man Trump nominated for a lifetime gig on a federal court completely agrees with a gun zealot wanting to “resort to arms” when “their other rights fail to yield the desired results.” Trump may as well have nominated Wayne La Pierre for the federal judiciary; Talley is as much an NRA shill as La Pierre, and coupled with his humiliating lack of experience, represents America as a failed state.

No-one in their right mind can say that Trump appointing an unqualified judicial nominee or special interest shill is an anomaly; every person at every department and agency he appointed represents a special interest devoted to undermining or “deconstructing” the agency they lead. Big pharma is running the FDA, an anti-public education evangelical is running the Education Department, investment bankers and Wall Street are running the Treasury Department, fossil fuel is running the EPA, a religious racist is running the Justice Department, and now an NRA crusader is in line to be a federal judge, for the rest of his life.

America under Trump is being run by corporations, religious fanatics, and various special interests with no regard for anything other than advancing their own “special interests;” what was once “the government” of, by and for the people is no longer in control of anything.  America is a failed state because Trump has handed the government, lock, stock and barrel, to corporations, religious fanatics and special interests who intend to finish destroying what’s left of America as a functioning democratic republic.

Court Rules Against Kentucky’s Religious Abortion Law “With Prejudice”

As expected, women in Donald Trump’s America have already suffered assault after assault to their rights. There has been no good news for women since Trump’s poorly attended inauguration and it is likely there won’t be at the national level until the “pussy-grabbing” misogynist is out of the White House and Republicans lose control of both houses of Congress. However, there was a sliver of good news late this week at the state level when an evangelical extremist governor suffered a blow from a federal judge in Kentucky.

In the ruling handed down in an opinion that only required one page, Federal Judge David Hale told Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin that his cherished anti-woman law violated the Constitution. What that means for Kentucky women, and their healthcare providers is that they will no longer be forced into undergoing an ultrasound prior to terminating a pregnancy.

The law, H.B. 2, which was enacted in January, required doctors to perform an ultrasound and attempt to show an image of the fetus and play audio of its heartbeat to a pregnant woman before performing an abortion. Instead of being truthful and admitting that the barbaric law was the work of radical evangelical extremists, upon signing it Bevin hailed the law as “protect[ing] our most vulnerable, guaranteeing important freedoms for workers and setting our Commonwealth on a course for unparalleled opportunity and prosperity.”

It’s unclear exactly how forcing physicians to perform an ultrasound to demean the woman “guaranteed freedoms for workers” when it forced doctors to perform an unnecessary procedure, or set Kentucky “on a course for unparalleled opportunity and prosperity.” But it sounds more reasonable than Bevin explaining the real reason for the law; to control women, deny them their constitutional rights, and dictate to doctors how to practice medicine according to radical evangelical extremists.

Bevin was being honest when he saidIt is an honor for me to sign into law these historic pieces of legislation” because his evangelical bent informs his intent, and honor, to control women’s reproductive lives and force doctors to do the bidding of the radical evangelical extremists running Kentucky.

The Federal Judge’s ruling is just months after Bevin attempted to shutter EMW Women’s Surgical Center on “his claim” it didn’t meet state health requirements.  A lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of the woman’s clinic and said:

If EMW is forced to close its doors, there will be no licensed abortion facility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky women would be left without access to a critical and constitutionally protected medical procedure.

Of course that was Bevin’s, and the Kentucky legislature’s, intent and it inspired the Judge to issue a tersely worded one-page decision slapping the evangelicals down like they deserved. The key part of the very short ruling said:

The defendants (Bevin et al) “are permanently enjoined from enforcing H.B. 2 by civil action, criminal proceeding … or any other means of penalizing any person for failure to comply with H.B. 2 by by civil actions criminal proceeding, administrative action or proceeding, or any other means; and applying, imposing, or requiring compliance with, implementing, or carrying out in any way any part of H.B. 2. This action is DISMISSED with prejudice and STRICKEN from the Court’s docket.” (Judge’s bold and caps)

In a statement the ACLU said the ruling was a “vindication of the rights of Kentuckians and their physicians.” A senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, Alexa Kolbi-Molinas also said in the statement:

We are pleased that Kentuckians will no longer be subjected to this demeaning and degrading invasion into their personal health care decisions. This ruling puts us one step closer to getting Kentucky politicians out of the exam room.”

If Ms. Kolbi-Molinas were more forthcoming and not terrified of butt-hurting the evangelical extremists behind H.B. 2, she would have said the ruling puts “us one step closer to getting Kentucky evangelical extremists out of women’s vaginas.” But she made her point. As anyone with a pulse comprehends,  although it was Kentucky’s Republicans “in the exam room” and physicians’ medical practices, they were driven by evangelical interlopers to impose their bastardized religion on women and their medical providers.

It is true that this victory is noteworthy, but Kentucky is just one of the many Republican-controlled states on a tear to criminalize a legal medical procedure on religious grounds. Kentucky’s other attack on women is a ban on abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy, but the lawsuit only focused on “forcing doctors to perform ultrasounds” and not the 20-week ban. The evangelicals running the House of Representatives are set to vote next week on a federal version of H.B. 2 and never one to pass up an opportunity to punish women, Trump pledged to sign that 20-week abortion ban. It is unclear if the federal attack on women’s rights will advance past the Senate, but this Federal Court ruling may inform religious Republican senators that passing laws targeting a legal medical procedure is unconstitutional.

As this column has complained about relentlessly, neither the Federal Judge nor the ACLU ever mentioned that these and other attacks on women’s reproductive rights are founded solely on a genuinely bizarre version of Christianity championed by the radical evangelical personhood movement, and the Vatican. It certainly leads one to believe there is a federal law or article in the Constitution prohibiting anyone from uttering an unkind or accusatory word against a specific religion. Conservatives have no issue defaming other religions.

Despite spending no small amount of time studying the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Code, this author can find no state or federal law, or statute, or article in the Constitution banning any American from uttering an untoward comment about religion. Kentucky’s H.B. 2, like the House’s ridiculous fetal pain legislation, is founded on an absurd religious belief and according to the First Amendment, religious beliefs cannot be legislated into law. It’s damned high time women’s advocacy groups and Democrats, and Federal judges acknowledge that it is patently unconstitutional to legislate the establishment of religion; particularly legislating religion to punishing non-compliant women.

Image: LeoWeekly

Court Rules Trump Violated the Law In Approving Dakota Pipeline

For the sick souls attempting to keep up with Donald Trump’s illegal activities and deliberate flouting of federal laws, it is getting to be an impossibly tiresome chore and frankly a little more disgusting every day. There are, however, those instances when the federal judiciary issues a ruling that some action Donald Trump performed violated federal law. Although he will never be sent to live out his pathetic life in a federal penitentiary, one can at least revel in the knowledge Trump was caught and called out for doing what career criminals do as a matter of course; violate the law. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

On Wednesday a Federal District Court Judge ruled that in serving the greed of the oil industry, Donald Trump “violated [federal] laws in certain critical respects” when he granted federal permits authorizing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to cross the Missouri River upstream of the Standing Rock Reservation. Federal Court Judge James Boasberg used 91 pages to say that the federal permits Trump “hastily issued just days after the [sparsely attended] inauguration” failed on several counts to meet critical federal laws. The Federal Court stopped short of determining whether or not the pipeline operations should be shut down immediately, but that possibility may be in the offing. The Judge requested “additional briefings” on the subject and a “status conference” in the next week.

The Federal Judge wrote, in part:

The Court agrees that [the Corps] did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.”

The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux, Dave Archambault II celebrated the ruling saying:

This is a major victory for the Tribe and we commend the courts for upholding the law and doing the right thing. The previous administration painstakingly considered the impacts of this pipeline, and President Trump hastily dismissed these careful environmental considerations in favor of political and personal interests. We applaud the courts for protecting our laws and regulations from undue political influence, and will ask the Court to shut down pipeline operations immediately.”

An attorney for Earthjustice, Jan Hasselman commented thus:

This decision marks an important turning point. Until now, the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been disregarded by the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Trump Administration—prompting a well-deserved global outcry. The federal courts have stepped in where our political systems have failed to protect the rights of Native communities.”

It is noteworthy that the Court did not give the “Tribe” everything it wanted, but it did alert the Trump that there are protocols and procedures even an aspiring dictator has to follow; including honoring Treaties and sovereign rights of Native Americans and long-standing environmental regulations and procedures.

Where the Standing Rock Sioux won was convincing the court that Trump allowed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed without due regard for environmental rules. On Trump’s authority, the Corp failed to:

Sufficiently consider the pipeline’s environmental effects before granting permits to Dakota Access to construct and operate DAPL under Lake Oahe, a federally regulated waterway.  Although the Corps substantially complied with NEPA in many areas, the Court agrees that it did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.

To remedy those violations, the Corps will have to reconsider those sections of its environmental analysis upon remand by the Court. Whether Dakota Access must cease pipeline operations during that remand presents a separate question of the appropriate remedy, which will be the subject of further briefing.”

The Standing Rock lawsuit centered around three primary areas.

First and likely foremost, the federal government is forbidden from taking any federal action that harms “the Standing Rock reservation” or “the Missouri River water the people of Standing Rock depend on.” The Standing Rock Tribe has uncontested “Treaty rights that guarantee the integrity of its reservation” that Earthjustice and the Standing Rock Sioux noted the “Obama administration carefully considered in connection with a leak-prone oil pipeline immediately upstream of the reservation.” Because Trump flouts agreements and treaties his fossil fuel masters refuse to accept, dirty Don disregarded the previous administration’s advice, and compliance with federal law, and “acted as if the Tribe does not exist.”

Second, as Earthjustice noted, Federal law requires a full, transparent and public environmental review for any federal action that has “significant” environmental effects anyplace in the country, not just Native Americans’ sovereign land. The environmental advocate righty noted that there have been “full,  transparent and public environmental reviews for decisions as mundane as off-leash dog areas and allowing jet skis in parks,” and yet there were none for a “30-inch crude-oil pipeline under one of the most economically and culturally important waterways in the nation.”

The third point Earthjustice and the “Tribe” argued in their lawsuit was that whether Trump likes it or not, and this is a particularly prescient point for the Trump to acknowledge:

There are limits on the extent to which one administration can reverse the decisions of its predecessor. While federal agencies can change their minds about matters of policy, the courts will set aside reversals that are not fully justified and explained.”

It is already well-documented that Trump is, and has been, on a tear to reverse every environmental policy and decision made during the Obama Administration; in part out of sheer spite and in part to sate the greed of the fossil fuel industry. That Trump “automatically” granted a permit to DAPL within days of his sparsely-attended inauguration informs even stupid people that he gave no consideration whatsoever to established federal laws, long-standing treaties with Native Americans, or National Environmental Policy Act  (NEPA) requirements.

It remains to be seen if after further review by the Court, including a “status conference” and “additional briefings,” the Judge will shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline. But for now the Standing Rock Sioux can celebrate that even with an adversarial tyrant in the Oval Office working solely for the fossil fuel industry against Native Americans and the environment, a Federal Court ruled in their favor and against Trump for doing what he does as a matter of course; violate the law in “certain critical respects” like the common criminal he really is.