Hitler devotee’s primary victory informs the state of the GOP base

It would be a monumental miscalculation to assume that the alt-right’s poor showing in Washington over the weekend was a sign that the white supremacist movement is not as robust as it was directly following Trump’s poorly attended inauguration.

In fact, based on the number of alt-right (Nazi) candidates running for public office as Republicans, the white supremacist movement is growing with support of the party of Trump. No American should be fooled by “official party” criticisms of Republican candidates running under the Trump-Aryan banner because there are never any “official” condemnations until the candidates’ bigotry is widely exposed.

A perfect example occurred last week in Missouri after a Hitler sympathizer’s easy primary victory for the state legislature. That win informs that white supremacists are taking control of the GOP because they have support of the base, as well as the white supremacist-in-chief Trump.

It was only a race for the Missouri state legislature, but the victory of a conservative Christian renowned for raging against Jews, Muslims, LBGTQ Americans and any other non-Aryan, non-Christian person is a portent that the GOP is rapidly becoming the “official” party of white supremacists. Of course racists and all manner of religious bigots flocked to Republicans prior to Trump, but they were primarily closeted bigots; anti-gay and anti-women Republicans were never in the closet, they were in mega-churches with mega broadcast networks.

The racist, Steve West, easily won the four-way Republican primary race for a Missouri house seat by 25 points, garnering nearly 50 percent of the vote. West is, besides a Republican politician, an alleged “businessman” and KCXL radio show host. He is also a raging anti-Semite and a devotee of Adolf Hitler whom West asserts had the right idea in “dealing with who was behind” what was happening in Nazi Germany.

The Kansas City Star, in an effort to describe West’s background after his victory, reported that last week on his  radio show West promoted “fanatical conspiracies” about “Jewish cabals harvesting baby parts through Planned Parenthood, and torturing and molesting children.” West also claims that they [Jews] “run the Republican Party” he belongs to. And as far as his adoration of Adolf Hitler, West celebrated the evil monster claiming:

Looking back in history, unfortunately, Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany. And who was behind it.

The only thing West did not do was praise Hitler for his solution to the “who” behind what the dictator claimed was taking place in Germany.

The “Star” also reported that West hosts a YouTube channel where he is less restrained from spouting his particularly dangerous brand of Trumpism – demeaning and defaming non-Aryans and non-Christians. Apparently West “dons a wig and fake beard and calls himself Jack Justice … unleashing an array of bigotry including homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and outright racism.”

West’s Democratic opponent, incumbent State Representative Jon Carpenter, hoped that the people who voted for West simply were unaware of his views. That is highly doubtful since West is the host of a radio talk show and not some character who crawled out of an alley. Mr. Carpenter issued an email statement:

“I just want everyone who lives in this community to know that they’re welcome here. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, the LGBTQ community, people of all races and national origins, and everyone else Steve West has targeted with hate. His views do not reflect our values. We’ll stand together and love will conquer hate, as it always does.”

That West won a four-way race by 25 percentage points, if typical of the GOP base, is a bad omen that the nation is even more deeply divided than even a dark cynic might have thought. Of course the Missouri Republican Party issued a statement disavowing West as one of their “fine people,” but the group waited two days after West won to issue a statement saying in part:

Steve West’s shocking and vile comments do not reflect the position of the Missouri Republican Party or indeed of any decent individual. West’s abhorrent rhetoric has absolutely no place in the Missouri Republican Party or anywhere. We wholeheartedly condemn his comments.”

Like all official Republican Party condemnations, it is purely for convenience and far too late. Where were the official condemnations prior to the primary? West has been a hateful broadcast bigot long enough that the party knew who they allowed on their ballot; just like the RNC knew what kind of bigoted pig Trump is and yet they still support him. No sane human being can imagine the RNC or GOP Congress  issuing an “official” statement condemning Trump’s “shocking and vile comments” or his perpetually “abhorrent rhetoric;” because they appreciate that it incites the base to flock to the polls. West’s shocking and vile comments and abhorrent rhetoric certainly incited Missouri Republicans to vote for the Hitler-loving anti-Semite.

Regardless of the accusations Omarosa Manigault-Newman made about Trump being a racist and using the “N” word to refer to African Americans, there are plenty of indications that he is a bigot inciting his racist base he knows oppose any non-Aryan and non-Christian. His attack on professional athletes exercising their rights under the Constitution is specifically focused on African Americans to divide the nation.

His praise of the “very fine” alt-right (Nazis) after they brutally assaulted peaceful protestors in Charlottesville was offered as an official commendation to “his people.” On the anniversary of Charlottesville, he issued another dog whistle condemning “all types of racism;” he did spend the 2016 campaign convincing his base that there is raging discrimination and institutionalized bias against white people, and it is a beliefthat is growing among Republicans.

As much as Democrats, and decent human beings, should beware of the powerful evangelical extremist voting bloc in an important midterm election, they should give particular attention to the white supremacist bloc. They are just as driven as the fundamentalist cult, and most certainly hate the same people as the religious right.

As an aside, although evangelicals claim to support Israel, it is only because it is cited in their scriptural mythos. If the Christian’s bible said that Havana was the home of the “chosen people” and the site of an Earth-shaking spiritual battle, Israel would just be another Middle East country and Cuba would get an inordinate amount of taxpayer dollars and weaponry. It is important to remember that Nazi Germany was a Christian nation with support from the Christian, primarily Catholic, population and they participated in an unimaginable atrocity against the Jews. In addition, despite the complete demise of the Aryan Reich, many German Christians wanted the Nazi leadership back after the war.

It almost seems natural for a bigot like Steve West to run for office as a Republican after praising Hitler and using flagrantly bigoted dog whistles; his is aping Trump and tapping into his base. If Trump is not inciting racial and religious animus against non-Aryans and non-Christians like Hitler, he is doing his best to rule with an iron fist like der Führer. It should be unfathomable that a publicly acknowledged bigot like West could run for political office anywhere in America and beat his opponents handily, but this is Trump’s America now and the Republican base is sick with white supremacists and evangelical extremists.

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Republican Calls Christians To Holy War Against Suspect Muslims


There can hardly be any American alive who is unaware of the current administration and congressional Republicans deliberate violation of the laws of the land; it is particularly true in Trump’s case. It is doubtless that Trump would suspend the Constitution and govern according to the rules his tyrannical heroes embrace if given the opportunity, and there is no doubt that besides journalists, protesters, and non-compliant Democrats, Trump would round up and imprison every Muslim citizen in America if not for the Constitution. Once imprisoned, there is every indication Trump would have the people he considers enemies summarily executed without being charged, tried or convicted.

As a term and concept, “extrajudicial killing” should be an abomination to any American citizen. This country is governed according to the “rule of law,” and the supreme law of the land is the U.S. Constitution that guarantees every person due process rights; specifically to prevent “extrajudicial” anything. That term, extrajudicial killing is also known as “extrajudicial execution.” It means “the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process.” Extra judicial executions are every tyrant’s favorite means of keeping a population terrified of even thinking about dissent.

Donald Trump has had effusive praise for the world’s worst tyrants who boast about their use of extrajudicial executions, including celebrating their murderous rampages Trump claims is “doing a great job.” There is little doubt that if he thought he could get away with it, Trump would unleash death squads to commit religious extrajudicial executions against each and every American citizen he “suspected” might sympathize with radical extremists; but only if they are Islamic extremists. Christian extremists are never condemned, much less acknowledged, by Trump or Republicans no matter how many innocent Americans they slaughter.

Now, after the terror attack in London that Trump “implied” was “enabled” by the city’s Muslim mayor, a House Republican called for “a concerted Christian effort of “mass extrajudicial killing of people ‘suspected’ of adhering to radicalized Islam.” Notice that the Louisiana Republican, Clay Higgins, wants extrajudicial executions of people only “suspected” of sympathizing with radical extremists. It is precisely what Trump’s Philippine hero Manuel Duterte and Egypt’s  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi boasted of doing regularly; murdering citizens they “suspect” are involved in behaviors they don’t like.

It has to be noted that what Higgins is calling for is a Christian crusade to exterminate Muslims and if anyone doesn’t believe it keep in mind that on Higgins Facebook rant he addresses “all of Christendom.” He wrote:

The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identity them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all. -Captain Clay Higgins

How typically Christian extremist of Higgins to claim it is “good and righteous” to hunt down and kill them (Muslims) all; it is also typically Old Testament “mean god” to call for exterminating an entire religion’s adherents; including killing anyone “even suspected” of being “radicalized.” A term Higgins failed to define because mass extrajudicial executions requires no legal basis and is not unlike Adolf Hitler’s “mass extrajudicial executions” of people “suspected” of being Jews or Jewish sympathizes.

This is not Higgins first foray into making untoward public comments about American citizens he “suspects” are bad guys. Higgins, a former sheriff’s officer, said he would “rather die” than sacrifice his hateful principles; now he’s bringing those “principles” to Congress and the national stage.

His boss in the St. Landry Louisiana Parish Sheriff’s Office ordered Higgins to tone down the “demeaning” comments he made publicly about African American men he “suspected” were gang members, but since Higgins just couldn’t do well being asked to “rein in” his vile remarks, he resigned his position. Now he is taking that same mindset to the national stage and upping the ante in calling for Christians to kill other Americans “suspected” of being adherents of Islam. Let’s face it, if Higgins believes he had to issue a call to “all of Christendom” to join a “good and righteous” war with “Islamic horror,” he is making no distinction whatsoever between extremists claiming Islam and those who don’t.

This idea of foregoing the legal system, and the Constitution, to hunt down, target, and execute adherents of Islam is not the first time a Trump acolyte argued that the law or Constitution doesn’t apply in a holy war.

The extremist Christian Trump tapped for a top-level spot in the Department of Homeland Security, David A. Clarke, implored Trump to suspend habeas corpus, round up over one million American Muslims, and send them directly to Guantanamo Bay indefinitely. Suspending habeas corpus is a fancy way of saying “extrajudicial capture and imprisonment” because there are no charges filed, no due process and no legal representation for the citizens “suspected” of being Muslims.

David A. Clarke is a very close ally of Donald Trump and called for a violent revolution if Trump failed to win the election. It is worth noting that unlike Higgins, at least thus far, Clarke called for rounding up and imprisoning any American he considers an enemy. Clarke has regularly referred to any American loyal to the Constitution and advocates for equality and equal protection under the law for all Americans as “rat bastards on the left.” His plan for any non-Trump supporter if he gains authority is yet another “suspension of habeas corpus.” This time so that “any suspect” Americans can be jailed indefinitely. It is not a holy war, but it is an important aspect of what Clarke claims is “his war-at-home program” that requires “bold and aggressive action” such as suspending habeas corpus.

Every American should be terrified beyond belief at the ramping up of calls for imprisoning or killing people “suspected” of being enemies according to an increasing number of Republicans. It would be dangerous enough if it was just one nut-job on the fringe of society, but these nut jobs hold positions of power and the highest power, Trump, has repeatedly said he thinks tyrants committing “extrajudicial” acts are all “doing a great job.”

Some Americans may believe that because they aren’t Muslim sympathizers, or “rat bastards on the left,” or anti-Trump protesters, or journalists that this clear and present danger is no threat to them. No doubt there were German citizens who believed they were immune to Hitler’s extrajudicial acts, at least until they were rounded up and imprisoned or killed. The greatest danger is framing this “extrajudicial” business as a holy war, or Christian crusade against Islam.

History has shown time and again that once religious extremists gain power and authority, religious fervor will infect the population and no citizen will be safe. What is ultimately frightening today in America is that no matter how dangerous the rhetoric against Muslims, or journalists, or anti-Trump protestors, Republican leaders are silent.  It means they either agree with the Trump and his acolytes, or they are terrified they will face some “extrajudicial” action for speaking out; it is likely a little of both.