Spending Bill Exposes Trump-Republican Hypocrisy and Contempt

As if Democrats lacked a growing number of memes and issues to win more than one safe congressional seat in the upcoming midterms, Republicans provided a stellar example of real conservatives’ priorities that should give even staunch Trump supporters reason to pause.

If there was only one overriding narrative throughout President Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure in the White House, it was that Republicans opposed spending even a penny on domestic programs nearly as much as they vehemently rejected adding even a penny to the deficit. Of course all that changed when a white bald guy moved in the White House. Republicans have exposed their single-most damning trait this past week and if Democrats fail to seize on it they are morons.

Although there has been a steady effort by Trump to defund and dismantle nearly every federal agency in the name of saving revenue and reducing debts, Republicans and Trump put an end to the idea that conservatives are concerned about debt and deficits; exactly like they did during the Reagan and W. Bush administrations. There are still no small number of congressional Republicans who are violently opposed to increasing the debt and deficits, unless it involves enriching corporations and the already wealthy.

Throughout the crusade to pass tax reform for the rich and corporations, some Democrats and plenty of pundits wondered what happened to the Republican deficit hawks that held the country’s economy hostage during the Obama Administration over raising the debt limit or deficit spending. It was well-reported, and admitted by Republicans, that the tax reform legislation they rushed through Congress would significantly increase the deficit. It was also well-reported that the primary beneficiaries of close to 90 percent of the deficit-raising tax cuts were the very rich and their corporations. That GOP legislation passed easily because giving the rich more wealth, despite adding trillions to the deficit, is just what Republicans do as a matter of course.

However, when Republicans acquiesced to a little domestic spending to give the military industrial complex more wealth and children healthcare, the fiscal hawks went ballistic. Democrats should not forget the tantrums of members of the House Freedom Caucus (teabaggers) or the so-called deficit hawks in the Senate as they campaign in the midterms.

By all accounts, save the gigantic increase in military spending and the gigantic void in addressing the fate of the so-called Dreamers, it appears the budget deal is about as good as Republicans will ever give. But even with an unwarranted amount of money for the military industrial complex (MIC), 67 Republican members of the House screamed bloody murder over the deficit after they just heaped trillions on the deficit on behalf of the rich.

In fact, more than deficit spending on domestic programs, members of the “Tea-Party-aligned Freedom Caucus left a closed-door meeting because the deal included raising the debt limit.” The Republicans swore they would vote against the deal because “the spending deal is disgusting and reckless,” and “hiking the debt limit is giving fiscal hawks heartburn.”

It is prescient to mention that it was Trump’s Treasury Department and the Republican Congressional Budget Office that called for raising the debt limit quickly because of the immediate revenue shortfall due to the just enacted Republican tax reform. It is the same tax reform that the same Republican deficit hawks voted for about a month ago, and it is a fact Democrats should not let voters forget going forward. Monumental deficits to enrich corporations and the wealthy are awesome, but a minor increase for the military and domestic social programs is “disgusting and reckless.”

The rank hypocrisy of so-called deficit hawks is beyond stunning and Democrats should beat that horse to death and then thrash it mercilessly leading up to the midterms. Republicans cheerfully voted to add trillions to the deficit for their wealthy donors’ enrichment, but considered it a personal affront to increase domestic and defense spending because it adds about three-hundred-billion to the deficit.

There was plenty of consternation and gnashing of teeth by the Freedom Caucus (teabaggers), but one in particular, Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), fairly epitomized the GOP hypocrisy and fealty to the rich. Brooks told reporters that the spending bill was “a debt junkie’s dream and that I’m not only a no. I’m a Hell no.” Brooks continued exposing his party’s major flaw saying:

All I know is that unfortunately those who vote for this bill are betraying our country’s future and they are selling out our kids and our grandkids. I am baffled why the Republican Party has turned into such a big spending party. It is one thing to spend money; it is another thing to spend money you don’t have. No American family can operate that way; no American business can operate that way, and it is folly to believe that the United States of America can operate that way.”

Another “real conservative,” Representative Justin Amash called on the American people to speak out against spending on defense and domestic programs. He tweeted,  “I urge every American to speak out against this fiscal insanity.”

It is curious that Messrs. Amash and Brooks aren’t gagging on their own hypocrisy after voting for “fiscal insanity” to benefit the already wealthy and create a dangerous revenue shortfall in the process. Brooks is right, no family or business spends money they don’t have. If they want to spend more money than they have they simply bring in more revenue. Republicans are spending trillions on the rich and corporations and blowing up the deficit  they will never be capable of paying down because they drastically slashed the government’s only revenue source. It is, no matter how one assesses it, “fiscal insanity” and flagrant hypocrisy. At least on Republican Senator called out his party’s hypocrisy. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said:

If you were against President Obama’s deficits, and now you’re for the Republican deficits, isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy? I can’t in all good honesty, in all good faith, just look the other way because my party is now complicit in the deficits. I ran for office because I was very critical of President Obama’s trillion-dollar deficits. Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits. I can’t in all honesty look the other way.” (Author bold)

Now, it would be perfect if anything Senator Paul said had even a modicum of validity, and it was awfully big of the libertarian to call out his Republican cohort’s blatant hypocrisy. Except that it was awfully hypocritical of Rand Paul to criticize his fellow Republicans for piling money on the deficit when he stood on the Senate floor and called on those same Senate Republicans to vote for tax reform legislation they all knew was offering a  multi-trillion-dollar deficit increase. It is not entirely clear what kind of pejorative best fits a cretin like Rand Paul, but his hypocrisy in criticizing his hypocritical Republican cohort is something special indeed.

Democrats should make note of why the 67 House Republicans voted against the spending bill; because it contains $320 billion in deficit spending on defense and domestic programs. They opposed spending on disaster relief, children’s healthcare, the opioid crisis and the military because of the deficit, but had no issue voting for $2.4 trillion in deficit spending to enrich the wealthy and corporations. They are beyond hypocritical, they are contemptible.

Every House seat is on the ballot in the midterms and every Democratic candidate has been handed yet another piece of ammunition to use against Republicans. They don’t even have to shine a light on the 67  Republicans’ hypocrisy, although it is glaringly obvious. They can just remind voters that Republicans just blew up the deficit to serve the rich and corporations while opposing any means of helping the people because of the deficit.

Trump Wants More Mexican Immigrants Working in His Winery

With the anti-Trump movement apparently gaining steam, it is likely that each participant hates a different quality of the man a minority of voters were happy to send to the White House. One thing is certain though, they all likely detest Trump for his blatant hypocrisy, filthy lies, megalomania, and of course his disregard for any American who isn’t rich, religious, male and white. A little over a week ago a story that should have been the lead on every outlet over a 24-hour cycle was virtually ignored and it featured Trump the hypocrite, Trump the liar, and Trump the American job-killer.

Barely a week after Trump lied and took credit for “forcing” an Indiana company to halt the planned “shipment” of American jobs to Mexico, one of his Virginia companies appealed to the Labor Department, in writing no less, for authorization to hire foreign workers. For as much as Trump boasted he and only he could stop Mexican workers from coming to America to take Americans’ jobs, it should have been front page news that he seeks to bring in workers from Mexico to take Americans’ jobs and like every stinking thing dirty Donald does it is to profit himself.

The company in question is Trump Vineyard Estates LLC that wants to ship in Mexican immigrants to earn $3 more per hour than minimum wage, and only work 40 hours a week; conditions that Republicans decry as monumental job killers only Democrats support. The company is “a registered trade name of Eric Trump” Wine Manufacturing LLC, and on its Labor Department appeal touted the business as not owned, not managed and not affiliated “with Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, or any of their affiliates.” However, that is not what the incoming liar-in-chief said during the presidential campaign and not what he entered on financial disclosures; he is a liar as well as a hypocrite.

Earlier this year megalomaniac Trump bragged about “his winery” at a campaign event where “bottles of his wine” were one of the featured attractions. In fact, in boasting about how fabulous Trump Wine is, he spoke of Trump Vineyard Estates LLC glowingly: “I own it 100 percent, no mortgage, no debt.” Also, in Trump’s May 2016 financial disclosure documents he listed himself as the president of the company and for the 2015 tax year he documented that the winery “earned” him $150,000 to $1.1 million. It should come as no surprise that some news outlets reported that devious Don gave the winery to his son Eric in 2012 which means that one or both Trumps are lying.

Trump’s son himself is culpable for conflict of interest charges “if” he is intimately involved with the winery because not only does he serve on daddy Don’s transition team, he is widely expected to play and important role in dad’s administration. Apparently hypocrisy runs deep among Trumps because sonny-boy Eric has spent no small amount of time lambasting the loss of good American jobs to those dirty foreigners; especially like the ones from Mexico he wants to “import” to work at Trumps’ winery. All told, Trumps have brought in a couple of thousand immigrants to work in their businesses. In fact, Trump companies applied to bring in 263 foreign workers after Trump launched his campaign where he railed mercilessly against the loss of U.S. jobs to those nasty foreign workers.

This little event, besides featuring Trump lies, egomania, hypocrisy and killing American jobs, is a monumental conflict of interest for all the Trumps. One federal ethics experts remarked that this is a “classic conflict of interest” when the president or his relatives own businesses and apply for foreign worker visas and are also running the government including the Labor Department with purview over whether or not to issue work visas allowing foreign labor to come in and take Americans’ jobs; something the Trump clan rails against as un-American.

According to a former White House ethics lawyer now with the Brookings Institute, Norm Eisen said:

This is a powerful example of why Donald Trump needs to make a definitive break, not just with his operational interests but his ownership interests, by appointing an independent trustee to liquidate all that.”

Mr. Eisen’s remark parrots the call by the Wall Street Journal for Trump to completely divest all of his business holdings around the world or he will be guilty of conflict of interest with every policy decision he makes or is a party to making.

It is a relatively simple endeavor to find instances of Trump’s lies, hypocrisy, conflicts of interest, and outright corruption, but usually not all in one place. No matter if the baby-daddy or younger Trump owns a winery business, they are lying hypocrites for decrying foreign labor while they are officially applying to bring in foreign labor to displace Americans’ jobs. Maybe now that Trump expects American taxpayers to fund his “beautiful” wall to keep those Mexican workers out, the deplorable mainstream media will see fit to inform those same taxpayers that while Trump wants them to pay to keep immigrant labor out of America, he and his boy are attempting to bring immigrant labor in to enrich Trump.