White House preacher heavily influenced Trump’s decision to tear families apart

There is a damn good reason the Constitution’s Framers and Founding Fathers went to great lengths to prevent what they knew was an ever-present threat of religious fanatics taking over the U.S. government. Since even before Trump’s poorly attended inauguration, Americans have been witnessing the greatest representation of the theocratic threat the Founders’ attempted to prevent because Trump has loving embraced radical Christian extremists and has given them authority over a broad range of issues related to domestic policy.

In the continuing saga of America’s transformation into an inherently barbaric theocracy, there was the revelation that the bastardized Christian fascists running the government played a pivotal role in directing Trump’s barbarous family separation policy. Although it is true there has been a tepid backlash to Trump’s brutal immigration policy by some Christian groups, the evangelical zealot running Trump’s White House Bible Study group has been, and still is, directing Trump’s administration according to his interpretation of the Christian bible, not the U.S. Constitution.

It looks very likely that J. Beauregard Sessions’ idea to use his Christian bible as justification for Trump’s policy of ripping children from their parents came by way of a theological edict from Trump’s White House Bible Study (WHBS) preacher. The evangelical cretin named Ralph Drollinger runs Capitol Ministries as well as an evangelical indoctrination program for the White House, Congress, and Trump’s Cabinet members. It is noteworthy that as reported by ThinkProgress, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request noted that taxpayers are paying for “significant staff time and resources (invested) in coordinating Christian bible studies every week,” with an inordinate amount of involvement by Trump’s DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who vehemently defended Trump’s family separation policy.

As reported by Andrew L. Seidel, the day prior to Sessions using the bible to defend Trump’s cruel child kidnapping crusade, preacher Drollinger’s bible lesson centered around “The Importance of Parenting and the Course of the Nation,” beginning with need to force “obedience to a nation’s laws” with the same cruel abuse as a good god-fearing parent.  The lesson included scriptural citations of Proverbs 28:4 and Romans 13:32 – the latter being the passage Sessions used to justify the tearing children from their parents. In fact, it is almost certain that Sessions jotted down some notes from Drollinger’s lesson verbatim because as the White House preacher has often boasted:

Jeff Sessions [will] go out the same day I teach him something and he’ll do it on camera. And I just think, man, these guys are faithful, available, and teachable.”

Obviously, because he has no expertise in anything of value to the people or the government, preacher Drollinger considers that his job does not entail advising or influencing Trump’s policies, it is manipulating them; and no members of Trump’s cabal are more easily manipulated thanSessions and aspiring preacher Mike Pence.

According to documents in the FOIA request, Drollinger provided the Trump cabal with the exact rationale supporting separating families using the same theological arguments “espoused in his previous Bible study entitled “What the Bible Says About Our Illegal Immigration Problem.” When Sessions was railed on for using the Christian bible to justify ripping families apart, Drollinger rushed to his defense with bible in hand. Drollinger defended Sessions with a “theological explanation of the child separation policy” from 2016 on the Capitol Ministries homepage. The “follower of Jesus” explained that there is “zero tolerance” for anything untoward or illegal in Trump’s America and losing ones children is an apropos price to pay for lawbreakers. Drollnger said:

It follows that when someone breaks the law of the land that they should anticipate that one of the consequences of their illegal behavior will be separation from their children.”

Like Sessions, Drollinger’s defense includes citing scripture about everyone following the law of the land, unless they are religious Republicans serving in Trump’s criminal organization. However, if they are refugees of color and seek asylum from abuse, Drollinger says god’s word justifies punishing the children of undocumented immigrants he insists “must suffer all the consequences of breaking the law.” Drollinger writes:

It is not overreaching to reason from this passage [Romans 13:1-7] that immigration laws, like all of a nation’s laws, should stem from a desire to protect the nation and its citizenry. That protection should deter a myriad of intrusions by illegals. God intends for Governments to bear the sword relative to enacting justice. They are to be an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. This means Government is sanctioned, bound, and responsible to punish those who break the law … including illegal immigration.”

However, Drollinger offers no mention of government vengeance for violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, Take Care Clause, or anti-nepotism laws committed by Trump, or several instances of Trump’s mendacious Cabinet members committing perjury under oath.

It is an atrocity that an evangelical maniac in the White House is “manipulating” the Trump administration to action despite a constitutional prohibition on religion influencing the government. If Democrats, the media, and American people were not so terrified of offending the “faithful,” the nation would not be facing a clear and present danger of a theocratic coup d’état. Moreover, although it is true there are some Christian groups opposed to Trump’s barbaric “zero tolerance” immigration policy, it is likely there are no small number of Trump’s evangelical acolytes clinging to the concept that their archaic bible does support tearing families apart – because they are the wrong color. This particular immigration issue is not about enforcing the law of the land. If that were the case Sessions, Pence, Trump, and several other Cabinet members would be sitting in a federal penitentiary. They did, in fact, violate 18 U.S. Code § 1621 that succinctly details the federal punishment for committing perjury under a “swear to god” oath.

No doubt there is plenty of blame to go around for Trump’s nasty “zero tolerance” immigration policy, and it is not unbelievable that Stephen Miller had a hand in convincing Trump that cruelty towards Hispanic children is a policy to be proud of implementing. However, a fair share of the blame lies at the feet of preacher Drollinger who has spent the past two years inculcating biblical inhumanity into the Trump cabal and defending the practice as “godly;” as if America is already an evangelical theocracy. Tragically, because far too many Americans still fail to see the impending doom of an extremist religious regime running the government, that dreaded theocracy is manipulating the most powerful office in the land; and all the while the people are mesmerized by Trump’s tweets and how often he hits the links at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump and Sessions should be in prison according to their bible

It is almost certain, at least to this author, that there are no greater hypocrites and liars in America than Republicans claiming Christianity as the one overriding force informing their actions and their lives. It was no surprise to learn upon returning from a wilderness hiatus that a man who regularly touts his Christian bona fides had no qualms gleefully announcing the Trump administration’s intent to continue ripping children from their families according to his decision to use the Christian bible to justify violating the number one rule of the “family values” cult – breaking families apart.

First, it was a prime example of Republican hypocrisy for an administration representing the evangelical Party of “family values” to take pleasure in separating families as a deterrent in Trump’s campaign to make America whiter. That is the overriding goal of the xenophobes, white supremacists, and nationalists propping up the corrupt dictator in the Oval Office.

It was also telling that part and parcel of J. Beauregard Sessions’ recent claims centering around the idea that mostly Brown women facing abuse have no right to appeal to America for sanctuary, and a little humanity. It reveals that Sessions is as true a representation of a patriarchal Christian male as most people will ever see in public during their lifetime. An abused woman seeking asylum to avoid being tortured by a man is obviously an atrocity to Sessions; it is a mindset likely based on the biblical commandment that women must subject themselves to whatever “a man” forces on them.

Now, as no small number of pundits, including Christians,  have noted; there is nothing whatsoever in the Christian bible supporting “ripping families” apart, or throwing thousands of young children, including infants, into concentration camps. There are Old Testament passages where the Israelites’ god ordered his people to rip women’s stomachs open and kill the fetuses, but there is nothing authorizing tearing what are surely Christian families apart because they are not white and speak a language other than English.

However, as Beauregard Sessions did rightly claim, his Christian bible does indeed command the religion’s adherents to obey the government authorities and submit to the law of the land; but it is noteworthy that the law of the land does not advocate or support the malice being displayed by Trump’s administration towards immigrants. Furthermore, the Constitution does not support using the Christian Bible to justify any law or any government action, much less the barbarism of separating children from their parents. Parents, by the way, who are only being charged with a misdemeanor for “improper entry” and may face up to six months in jail – apparently even if they are adhering to the law in seeking asylum as political or abused refugees.

Setting aside Beauregard Session’s savagery and inherent Republican brutality for a minute, it was bad enough that he cited his Christian bible as justification for abusing children, but his use of that particular scripture about obeying the law of the land was beyond hypocritical.

It is true that the bible passage Sessions cited does command Christians to obey the government authorities and adhere faithfully to the laws of the land, but if Sessions was not a raging evangelical hypocrite he would have already turned himself in to federal law enforcement authorities for immediate prosecution. He did, in fact, deliberately, and with malice aforethought, commit perjury under a “so help me god” oath before the United States Senate – at least twice.

Sessions made a big deal about everyone having to abide by the law in responding to other Christians’ condemning the Trump callousness against families and children. Sessions said:

“Many of the criticisms raised in recent days are not fair or logical and some are contrary to law. Persons who violate the law of our nation are subject to prosecution. I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the law of the government because god has ordained them for the purpose of order.”

Over the weekend, that Trump administration devotion to “law and order” was parroted, sans scriptural justification, by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during an appearance in New Orleans. Ms. Nielsen told the National Sheriffs’ Association:

Illegal actions have and must have consequences. No more free passes, no more get out of jail free cards.”

Of course there is no god ordaining any government leaders of any nation, but the idea that Sessions insists that “persons who violate the law of our nation are subject to prosecution” is patently hypocritical.

Sessions, and at least four other Trump cabinet nominees violated 18 U.S. Code § 1621 during their Senate confirmation hearings by committing perjury under a “so help me god” oath. And it is noteworthy that four of those nominees are self-confessed devout Christians who, like their criminal leader Trump, violate Number Nine of the BIG Ten Commandments regularly and with impunity.

If Sessions assertion about prosecuting federal law violations was sincere, Trump would be facing prosecution for violating the Emoluments Clause, the Constitution’s “take care” clause, the U.S. Code’s anti-nepotism law and for violating his own “so help me god” oath to support and defend the Constitution during his poorly-attended inauguration. It is highly likely that Trump has violated myriad other laws that, according to evangelical malcontents Sessions and Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, make him “subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the nation’s laws.”

Of course the lying Attorney General Sessions is never going to consider subjecting the lyin’ kings Trump and ‘preacher’ Pence, or any of Trump’s filthy lying Cabinet membersto prosecution to the fullest extent of the nation’s laws;” they are white Republicans and claim Christianity as their reason for living.

It was curious there was such an outrage over Sessions using his Christian bible as justification for tearing children from their mothers arms, and in one reported case from the infant’s mother’s breast. Religious right acolytes, and many Republicans, have used their Christian bible to justify slavery, racism, rape, starving the poor, pedophilia, persecuting the LGBTQ community, and subjecting women to the will of other religious Republicans.

No-one in their right mind should be surprised Sessions used his bible to justify tearing non-white immigrant families apart any more than they should be offended at the typically inherent evangelical Republican cruelty. Sadly, it is exactly the kind of cruelty documented in the Christian bible and at the rate Republicans are crusading to make the Christian bible the law of the land, Americans should be terrified if they weren’t so laser focused on Trump’s latest “tweets” or how often he goes golfing.

Image: Evan Vucci/Associated Press

Federal Watchdog Slams Trump’s ICE Hiring Plan As Unjustified


By now most Americans are aware that Donald Trump is a big-talking blowhard with little knowledge about anything; this week that combination was made manifest…again.

So it turns out that everyone with a brain who said Trump’s bizarre pledge to hire tens-of-thousands of border guards was unjustified, and unrealistic, were spot on. The campaign pledge demonstrated that Trump is as ignorant of what it takes to hire even one federal employee, much less tens-of-thousands of “law enforcement” guards tasked with patrolling America’s Southern border with Mexico and hunting down and rounding up brown people.

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general (federal watchdog) released a report concluding that Trump’s executive order to hire 10,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and 5,000 border patrol agents was absurd. According to the inspector general’s report, based on the “rigorous screening requirements for federal law enforcement jobs,” the Department of Homeland Security would have to get and vet over 750,000 applicants to find and fill just 5,000 qualified personnel to do the border patrol jobs.

If that wasn’t a sobering enough revelation for dumb Don, in order to hire the 10,000 new I.C.E. agents the department would have to sift through, and properly vet, a pool of over 500,000 applicants to even begin filling that insane number of agents. These ridiculous numbers were courtesy of the inspector general’s audit; not fake news and not lies proffered by the “liberal media” or members of the fantasy “deep state.”

No doubt the Trump just issued the executive order and pulled the number of new hires out of his fat ass. But even a half-wit would have conferred with experts in how government works before thinking about issuing an executive order to do anything, much less enlist, train, and deploy several brigades worth of federal agents to go hunt brown people in America.

The news only got worse for Trump as the inspector general’s report called into question whether DHS even needs 15,000 new hires to hunt down and detain brown people. The inspector general claimed there was no justification for the new agents and didn’t have much else good to say about Trump’s version of homeland security.

The federal watchdog said Trump’s DHS leaders have “done such poor planning for what their workforce should look like with an understaffed and poorly trained Human Resources operation, they cannot possibly justify thousands of new employees.

The report from the office of the Inspector General John Roth said:

“Neither [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] nor [ICE] could provide complete data to support the operational need or deployment strategies for the additional 15,000 agents and officers.”

Trump’s poor-planning Department of Homeland Security officials told the auditors that they are at least three to four years from getting ‘some kind of system’ in place that will give them a clue about how many new personnel they need and where to deploy them. They didn’t comment on Trump’s order for 15,000 new agents, likely to preserve their jobs, but the inspector general didn’t care. The report said:

Without comprehensive staffing models, operational needs analyses, and deployment strategies, CBP and ICE will not be able to identify clearly the correct number and type of employees required, what positions must be filled, or where to deploy those employees.”

Another issue dumb Don never considered while pledging to “beef up enforcement” against undocumented immigrants and create a “deportation force” to hunt down and capture brown people was how to pay for those 15,000 new hires. He also never knew that, as the auditors rightly said, 15,000 new “border guards” will require close to 10,000 additional “technical and support staff” that will also need to go through the rigorous vetting process and be paid.

In the same way Trump hasn’t figured out how to pay for his absurd “beautiful wall,” the White House has failed to give guidance on how to pay for and hire the new guards, deportation force, and monumental number of technical and support staff. What someone in his administration did do, however, is direct the Office of Personnel Management to give Homeland Security officials authority for one year to fill those “heavily vetted” jobs without competition as a way to circumvent what it called “cumbersome hiring and vetting rules;” rules that were put in place by the government according to its high regard for national security. Of course that shouldn’t surprise anyone; in the Trump administration “robust vetting” and “national security” are just too “cumbersome.”

Democrats, or any other thinking human being, were not surprised by the inspector general’s findings and were not timid about rubbing Trump’s orange nose in the report.  Anyone conscious over the past six months is fully aware that everything Trump promised during the campaign, and while in office, was done without any forethought whatsoever much less careful consideration and planning. The ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, Representative Bennie Thompson (MS) issued a statement saying:

It’s not surprising that President Trump’s decree to drastically expand the Border Patrol and increase his deportation force was put in place without a clear need for the 15,000 new agents and officers or a plan for hiring and deploying them. I hope DHS goes back to the drawing board and shows us the need for new personnel along with a clear plan on how to better manage them once deployed.”

For its part, Trump’s DHS official tasked with liaising with the inspector general, Jim H. Crumpacker, defended Trump’s order to hire 15,000 new agents and border guards. Crumpacker said that the push for a new deportation force is Trump’s response to “emerging operational needs and changes in technology. DHS remains committed to ensuring correct staffing levels, ratios and placements.” Their problem is they just don’t know how to go about it and haven’t yet started the planning phase and that still does nothing to address another concern of the inspector general.

Homeland Security’s personnel office suffers from “fragmented systems, and not enough of the staff or automation it needs to hire this many new employees,” the auditors found.

They auditors noted that only 61 percent of the 21,000 current Border Patrol agents actually patrol the Southwest border, and they said that number “may actually understate” the true number of employees assigned to management and administrative work. The report said that 1,000 more agents than headquarters officials have allocated are assigned to intelligence roles in the field and it contributed to their questioning the need for any more agents in the field.

The use of Border Patrol Agents performing duties not directly tied to ‘ensuring complete operational control of the border’ calls into question the department’s operational need for 5,000 new agents.”

And the report reiterated its doubt that DHS even needs 15,000 new officers Trump demanded to carry out its mission. This is particularly true because immigration arrests have been on the decline since before the election. Immigration arrests were already steadily falling, but because of Trump, no-one wants to travel to America much less emigrate here and who on Earth can blame them. According to the auditor’s report, Border Patrol agents apprehended 35 percent fewer people from February to March, and 61 percent fewer than January. It makes the mandate for 15,000 new border guards not just unrealistic, but completely unnecessary and prohibitively costly; something Trump is just too insanely stupid to comprehend.

It is too bad main stream media didn’t devote any time to reporting on the inspector general’s smack down of Trump’s absurd executive order. It would have been yet another black-eye for Trump and possibly alerted his rabid supporters that everything the Oval Office idiot promised was a farce. To date nothing Trump pledged would happen when he “ruled” America has materialized. What remains to be seen is when and if Trump’s supporters will get a clue that their white hero is a scam artist and a monumental failure. He not only doesn’t know more about everything than everyone on the planet, he is likely stupider than the American morons who voted for him.