Trump’s Shutdown Threat Reveals the Depth of His Contempt for the People

It is nearly impossible to believe that there are very many Americans remaining who fail to see the abject disaster of allowing a fake wrestling and reality show personality inside the White House. Of course Trump has supporters, but one seriously wants to believe the data that white supremacists {racists} and evangelical extremists (religious right) still represent a minority of the population; it is difficult to quantify the “stupid” contingent that do not fall into either of those categories, but it has to be under 50 percent of the population. After Trump’s outrageous statement last weekend, it is nearly impossible to believe anyone fails to see Trump as dangerously disastrous.

There was an interesting op-Ed in the Washington Post asking, “Does Trump operate out of any conception of what’s in the public interest?”

It is an easy to answer query, and it is a question that applies equally to the Republican Party; the GOP exists solely to advance the interests of the rich and the religious with no regard for “the public interest.”

Trump’s statement that he is looking ahead to September to “close down America” if Congress doesn’t bend to his will certainly insinuates that no, Trump has no “interest” in what is good for America or the people. It is not, as the WaPo piece suggests, that Trump is “incapable” of considering the good of the people or the country; he just has no regard for anyone but himself.

No doubt Trump was serious in threatening to “close down the country” if his Republican underlings in Congress fail to provide funding to build a Berlin Wall-type barrier along America’s Southern border. In fact, it is not a stretch to assume that Trump would in fact “close down America” if he was able, but it is not within his purview according to the document he dismisses as “archaic” and not applicable to him or his administration.

Obviously, someone in the White House informed Trump that regardless of what the voices in his head tell him, America is not one of his bankrupt hotels, at least not yet; he cannot just unilaterally close down the government if his perceived employees in Congress fail to do his bidding. Trump almost certainly meant he would impose a “government shutdown” as demanded by his minders at Fox News to facilitate punishing the American people if he doesn’t get his vanity project and monument to America’s xenophobia and isolationism.

Since he would require assistance from Congress, Trump could not possibly make an outrageous threat without lying; including using alternative facts sourced directly from his juvenile mind. Seriously, it is difficult to recollect any time in American history that a “president” White House resident threatened to “close down the country” if he doesn’t get his way, but then again Americans never allowed a petulant racist bastard take up occupancy in the White House.

Trump was speaking to a group during a tax reform roundtable in Ohio and as usual he was in the process of attacking Democrats “during a riff about border security” and just offered up a typically Trump idea. He said Americans should begin thinking about “closing up the country” if he doesn’t get his way. He said:

They don’t want the wall, but we’re going to get the wall, even if we have to think about closing up the country for a while. We’re going to get the wall. We have no choice. We have absolutely no choice. And we’re going to get tremendous security in our country.”

To show he was serious Trump repeated the idea of closing down the nation and he naturally lied about what he claims is the existential threat to the nation without a Berlin-type wall. He reiterated just how far he is willing to go and how much misery and damage he can inflict on the American people to get his way and sate the white supremacists, xenophobes, and isolationists who demand a whites-only nation. He said:

And we may have to close up our country to get this straight, because we either have a country or we don’t. And you can’t allow people to pour into our country the way they’re doing. We come up again on Sept. 28 and if we don’t get border security, we’ll have no choice. We’ll close down the country.” (author bold)

Trump naturally lied about immigration to defend shutting down the government, and of course his mendacity entailed fear mongering about a massive increase in Hispanic immigrants threatening America as a nation and the white people as a race. One even wonders if very many Americans are aware of the Berlin Wall Trump envisions for America; particularly since a frighteningly inordinate number of people are unaware of the Holocaust.

The truth is that immigration has been on the decline for well over a decade, and two years ago a new trend was reported; more Mexicans are fleeing America than are entering. In fact, exactly a day prior to Trump’s threat to close the country amid his own dire warning that America’s “Southern border is under siege,” Trump’s administration released  statistics showing that undocumented immigration was in line with historical norms that represent a steady decline of Hispanic immigrants; not an invasion and certainly not a dangerous surge.

Although Trump has made immigrants a target for ages, he began ramping up his nasty rhetoric about an hour after watching a Fox and Friends segment reporting on an annual publicity stunt to bring attention to the refugee crisis in Central America; what Fox News convinced Trump was an invasion force consisting of “a small migrant army marching toward the United States.” There is a fair explanation of what the annual “human rights demonstration” entails here; only Trump and his advisory committee at Fox News could possibly conflate the “demonstration” with an invasion force.

One House Democrat, Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), echoed the sentiment of any sane American at the news that Trump threatened to “close down the country” if he doesn’t get his way. Ms. Jayapal said:

“[Trump] is absolutely out of his mind to think that is any kind of a reasonable solution for our economy or compassion or in line with our values. This President [Trump] has done everything he can every time he’s in trouble to turn around and try to turn it against immigrants, and it really deeply saddens me.”

Despite everything Trump says about immigrants, the real threat to Americans is the filthy lying racist living in the White House. The  one who appears ready and willing to burn down the country, or at least “shut it down,” until his employees in Congress hand over taxpayer dollars for Trump’s vanity wall.

It is likely that the same xenophobes who have supported him since his poorly attended inauguration, and his minders at Fox News, cheered his threat to “close America for a while” if he can’t get what he wants; no matter the damage to the nation’s economy and the people.

Despite what the WaPo op-ed proffered, there is not a question of whether Trump has any concern for the public interest, because he has none. The prescient question is how much damage will Republicans allow him to inflict on them if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Trump Personally Killed 40 Thousand Jobs and Cost the Economy Billions

As much as dirty Donald Trump epitomizes the “ugly American” and every negative connotation that unflattering title entails, he is the personification of a very significant number of the ugly Americans the rest of the world, and no small number of decent Americans, despise.

Trump and his ugly “America first” acolytes could not possibly care less what the rest of the world, or other Americans, think of the uncivilized cretins Trump represents, but that is not the case for the highly profitable American tourism industry. In fact, exactly as predicted shortly after Trump’s poorly attended inauguration, everything about Trump will be harmful to the economy and those predictions have proven accurate for many sectors of the economy. The tourism sector realized immediate economic harm.

Although much of Trump’s economic damage will not result in immediate job or business losses, that is not the case in the tourism industry. World travelers contemplating trips to America were immediately aware that Trump’s America, like Trump himself, will not be a very friendly place to visit and no-one in their right mind can blame them. Those travelers began shunning America before Trump was allowed to occupy the White House after hearing his foul mouth drone on for several months about America first.

Now, the industry is reporting that since Trump took office, as many, many experts predicted; “inbound travel dropped by 4 percent and tourist spending declined 3.3 percent.” Those percentages translate into losses of tens-of-thousands of American jobs and roughly $4.6 billion in tourism dollars spent in American communities. It is noteworthy that those tens of thousands of jobs lost do not reflect “downstream jobs” lost by people serving the 40,000-plus now-unemployed Americans, or the billions of dollars in lost wages and tourist spending driving local economies.

The National Travel and Tourism Office reported the bad economic news that they and other groups dubbed the “Trump slump.” The report said that the unnecessary slump “translated to losses of tens of thousands of jobs and $4.6 billion in spending in 2017.”According to experts, “Trump’s travel ban proposals and his anti-immigration rhetoric, and heightened security measures have worsened the U.S.’s (sic) image in other countries.”

Tourism experts knew three months into Trump’s White House occupancy that there would be Hell to pay for Trump’s ugly American rhetoric and actions. In March, Tourism Economics president, Adam Sacks, said:

It doesn’t take very much uncertainty or antipathy to influence decisions away from a given travel destination. Ultimately, destinations and companies are in the business of building a brand and a message that is welcoming .… All the ‘America first’ rhetoric in various policy areas like trade, diplomacy and immigration is conveying the exact opposite.”

That was Mr. Sacks’ prediction in March;  in September he said:

It’s not a reach to say the rhetoric and policies of this administration are affecting sentiment around the world, creating antipathy toward the U.S. and affecting travel behavior.

To add insult to economic injury to America, because of one vile man’s mouth; “The U.S. slipped to No. 8 from No. 7 on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Countries list released on Tuesday.” That report “attributed the drop to Trump being more unpopular than any other state head or company CEO, and to the U.S. becoming more politically unstable and less progressive and trustworthy.” All because of one man and the malcontent racists, evangelicals, xenophobes and various bigots supporting him.

In what is sure to be a failure, the U.S. Trade Association intends on embarking on a “Visit U.S.” campaign they hope will “encourage international travelers to choose the U.S.” According to Johnathan Grella, the trade association executive vice president:

A very big portion of the coalition’s work is to promote more balanced rhetoric. We want to get to the place that the administration says we are closed for terrorism but open for business.”

Obviously, Mr. Grella has not spent any time listening to Trump or he would have realized the absurdity of expecting Trump or his administration ever being interested in, or capable of, presenting “more balanced rhetoric.” Trump and a significant percentage of the population are not only disinterested in “balanced rhetoric,” they oppose it like “the ugly Americans”  they are at a very fundamental level. Still, at least one major American city and tourist destination is being proactive in touting itself as “decidedly anti-Trump.

It is doubtful there will be a national campaign advertising that “This isn’t Trump’s America” or that “all international visitors are welcomed to visit America,” but that is precisely what Los Angeles is promoting.

Something the tourism industry might not consider is that the preponderance of prospective foreign travelers are not as concerned about running into Trump or terrorists as they are terrified of the fanatical gun zealots, radical evangelical extremists, racists, and xenophobes that support an ugly American like Trump. An equally disgusted number of prospective tourists have no interest in spending their hard-earned vacation money in a country that refuses to care for its own citizens and hates “foreigners.” And worse, foreign tourists are well aware it is dangerous to visit any nation with a government that empowers radical religious extremists to target several groups for discrimination based on their sex, gender identity, marital status, and sexual orientation.

Add to those disincentives to visit America, the concerted mindset among Trump supporters that anything not American, not English speaking, and not white is inherently evil and it should assure the tourism industry that their economic troubles are going to get much worse with or without Trump. The rest of the world is now fully cognizant that Trump’s “ugly American acolytes” make up a substantial percentage of the population and they are angry and they are not going away no matter what Trump does.

It is true that every administration can affect the economy and have an impact on international perceptions of America, but this Trump slump is a fairly new phenomenon for a couple of reasons. It was accurately predicted prior to Trump’s poorly attended inauguration, the downturn in tourism was immediate and sustained, and Trump has continued unabated terrifying and insulting the rest of the world. Of course the economic damage in lost tourism is down to Trump and his vile mouth, but it cannot be overstated that the rest of the world’s population understands that without a population rife with “ugly Americans,” Donald Trump would be promoting a new reality show, not America as a tourist destination to be avoided at all costs.

Fear of Trump Cost Tourism $2.7 Billion in Three Months

Donald Trump has not accomplished anything worthwhile during the eight months he’s been living in the White House, but he has pissed off the rest of the world and insulted America’s closest allies and trading partners. It is no surprise that foreign travelers, and their nation’s leaders, have suggested not traveling to American if for no other reason than the animus raging among Trump’s America for non-white, non-religious, and non-American human beings. Of course foreigners are as terrified of the gun culture in America as they are Trump’s aggressive customs and border brownshirts, but they are also not enamored with the idea of spending their vacation dollars in a nation with a nativist dotard looking for trouble.

Back in March during the “extreme vetting” threat from the Trump White House, tourism industry experts warned there would be a heavy price to pay when foreign vacationers, and business travelers, stopped coming to America. As it turns out, those “warnings” were understated according to new data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The new data represent just the first quarter of this year and the figures are where experts predicted they would be back in March when they worried about a “Trump slump” wreaking havoc on international travel to America. The Commerce Department data confirmed the industry’s fears and since Trump has only behaved worse since the first quarter, it is highly likely their worst fears have really yet to materialize. Whether it was embarrassing America by insulting our allies and trading partners, or terrifying the life out of the rest of the world with threats of nuclear war, there are fewer reasons for anyone to visit America today than there were in the first quarter.

According to a report in the New York Times:

New figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce show a drop in international visitors to the United States by close to 700,000 in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year. European countries were down 10.1 percent, and Mexico was off 7.1 percent in the quarter.”

It’s likely that Trump and his nativist supporters are saying good riddance – who needs international tourists? They probably wildly celebrated that there was a 7.1 percent drop in Mexican tourists coming to America. But those “Mexicans” are visiting tourists spending their hard-earned money in America; they are not immigrants. And combined with that 10.1 percent decline in international tourists, particularly those from Europe, they represent a significant loss in income for America’s tourism and hospitality businesses and the jobs they provide. Exactly as predicted back in March, analysts estimate that the “immediate decline in tourism represents a loss of $2.7 billion in spending” in America on products and services provided by American businesses employing American workers.

Although it is not easy to verify that Trump’s immigration ban, threats of a wall, animus towards non-Americans, extreme vetting, or his promise to “rough up” foreigners contributed to the $2.7 billion decline in tourism, there are results of another survey pinning the tourism decline on Trump. It is no coincidence that the new Commerce Department data tracks perfectly with the Trump-inspired decline in United States favorability around the world.

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in June, only 49 percent of people surveyed in 37 nations had a positive view of the United States. Contrast that figure with the 64 percent “positive view” at the end of President Obama’s term in office. It is glaringly obvious that the costly slump in tourism is all down to the repugnant piece of work in the Oval Office. Add to that comparison the fact that during the first quarter of 2013 after President Obama’s re-election, international tourism increased by 6.4 percent.

According to the president of Tourism Economics, Adam Sacks:

It’s not a reach to say the rhetoric and policies of this administration are affecting sentiment around the world, creating antipathy toward the U.S. and affecting travel behavior.”

The New York Times reported that according to the responses it received to a Facebook post on foreign travel to America, “European readers overwhelmingly cited the Trump administration and its policies as reasons for avoiding or canceling trips to the United States.”

One British respondent wrote:

We are British Muslims and live in London. We wanted to visit N.Y.C. this summer but decided against it simply because we felt we wouldn’t be welcome there and didn’t want to waste precious holiday time in case there was a problem at passport control at the airport.”

Other European respondents cited gun violence and their personal safety as reasons for avoiding America like plague, at least until they feel they aren’t risking their lives just to visit America. A Danish woman wrote:

I have always dreamed of visiting the US. But the rise of gun violence and political chaos has made me cancel all future travels to the U.S. until I can feel safe as a tourist.”

Various international travel experts confirmed that since January “the U.S. is falling behind” as an international tourism destination. That was the assertion by the president and chief executive of the U.S. Travel Association, Roger Dow, whose nonprofit organization promotes foreign travel to the United States. And according to a World Economic Forum report released in April, “the United States fell two spots in its rankings of the top 10 most popular countries for tourism in the world.”

All of these statistics were predicted due to Trump’s ascension to the White House and the latest reports only covered the first quarter of 2017, and the situation is only going to get worse for the industry. Tour operators such Intrepid Travel reported that to date, they experienced reported a 24 percent decrease compared to the same period last year. However, trips to Canada are up 40 percent so it is not an economic issue, it is a political, safety and social issue. As the regional director for Intrepid Travel noted, something has to change. Leigh Barnes wrote:

Given the current political and social climate, now is an especially important time for the travel industry to stand for open borders, inclusivity and the celebration of diversity.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what the travel industry does or says or stands for; the problem is the hate-based administration. The chance of Trump allowing open borders, inclusivity, and the celebration of diversity is less than zero. It is, after all, his and his vile supporters’ staunch opposition to diversity, inclusivity, and open borders that is killing the tourism industry.

If the predictions made in March are any indication, coupled with the first quarter statistics, it is likely that fear of Trump will certainly end up costing significantly more than the predicted $11 billion and 90,000 American jobs in his crusade to make America far too dangerous for foreign tourists to visit.

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Ban on Sanctuary Cities – For Now

Historically, a sanctuary is considered a sacred place, such as a shrine that can also serve as a place of safe haven. By extension and historically, the word “sanctuary” has typically been used for any place of safety, such as a church, a monastery, and even a city. Although Republicans regard cities controlled by Democrats as anything other than “sacred places,” or “shrines,” they are generally repulsed at the concept of a “sanctuary city” because they are typically Democratic leaning and offer safe haven to Brown people.

The reason Republicans, and particularly that racist Republican in the White House, despise the idea of the typically Democratically controlled sanctuary cities is because they “limit cooperation with the national government’s effort to enforce harsh immigration laws.”

Sanctuary city leaders are more concerned with reducing the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among undocumented immigrants so they will be more willing to report crimes and cooperate with local police instead of quaking in fear and hiding for their lives.

Trump hates sanctuary cities and has threatened to punish them for not showing him undying fealty by doing doubly duty as federal immigration police to hunt down and round up people they merely suspect are undocumented. It is exactly what convicted felon and now pardoned Joe Arpaio is guilty of doing. He was never convicted of racial profiling, but he is guilty according to several lawsuits or Maricopa County would not have paid out hundreds-of-millions to settle lawsuits against Arpaio.

Trump and his racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions have made serious threats against non-compliant leaders in sanctuary cities for not obeying his anti-Latino dictate. Thus far, Trump has not convinced Republicans in Congress to pass federal legislation banning sanctuary cities, but that did not stop Texas Republicans from taking matters in their own hands.

Texas’ Republican dominated legislature passed a ban on sanctuary cities in May, and since Governor Greg Abbott refuses to stand up for much of anything, especially the rule of law and Latinos in his state, he was proud to sign the bill into law. The law was due to be enacted on September 1, but all that “anti-Latino law” accomplished was incurring a major lawsuit to stop its implementation.

Since the lawsuit is still ongoing, a federal Judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking the ban on constitutionality grounds like no small number of recent Republican state laws.  It is noteworthy that the judge’s ruling is only temporary, but for now it prevents the savage law, Senate Bill 4 (S.B. 4), from going into effect tomorrow, Friday. The judge is allowing the lawsuit against the matter to go forward and reach a conclusion before issuing a final ruling.

Even though the “injunction” is only temporary, it is a well-deserved legal blow to what experts claim is “one of the toughest state-issued immigration laws in the nation.” It is curious that only Republican states are encroaching on the federal government’s purview over immigration policy and enforcement, but Republicans are typically racist and fervently anti-immigration like Trump. Besides giving Texas Republicans a “poke in the eye,” the ruling “puts the brakes on a measure championed by Trump;” a measure S.B. 4’s critics have rightly labeled an “anti-Latino measure.”

The measure, S.B. 4, “prohibits cities and counties from adopting policies that limit immigration enforcement, allows police officers to question the immigration status of anyone they detain or arrest, and imposes fines, jail time and removal from elected office for any official who defies the ban.”  S.B. 4 also orders local officials to coordinate and cooperate with federal immigration detainer requests, which forces “foreign-born detainees to be transferred to federal custody after they are released from state or local custody” based on “a suspicion” they are undocumented.

The essence of S.B. 4 can be summed up as thus: do what anti-Latino Trump orders or face being arrested, fined, sent to prison, and removed from elected office. That summation did not sit well with a number of the Texas’ biggest cities, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. Those cities are controlled by Democrats who joined the lawsuit against Texas seeking to strike down the law. For now, the cities will have to settle for the preliminary injunction and await the conclusion of the lawsuit; a lawsuit that should be struck down unconditionally because S.B. 4 is unconstitutional.

The same U.S. District Court Judge, Orlando Garcia, that issued the injunction, ruled on another “undocumented immigrant” case in June. In that case, Judge Garcia ruled that “Bexar County Sheriff’s Office violated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure” when jailers detained a “suspected” undocumented immigrant for more than two months; and that detention was for two months after the man had a misdemeanor charge against him dismissed.

In that particular case, the victim’s lawyers challenged the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office’s “longstanding practice” of granting “immigration detainers.” Immigration detainers are routine requests from I.C.E. officials for local jails to hold detainees just “suspected of federal immigration violations;” even if their local charges have been dismissed or otherwise resolved. Immigration lawyers nationwide argue that such requests are often “flawed, haphazard and fall well below the legal standard of a warrant or judge’s order.” Remember, like now-pardoned Joe Arpaio’s confessed practice, the “longstanding practice” by local Texas police targets people only “suspected of federal immigration violations.

There is no telling how this particular lawsuit will conclude, but with a racist anti-immigration crusader  in the White House, and plenty of anti-immigrant Republican legislatures anxious to show their anti-Latino bona fides, it is highly likely there are more sanctuary city bans on the horizon. However for now, at least sanctuary cities in Texas can breathe a little easier that their leaders will not face fines, prison time, or be removed from office for showing something no Republican vaguely comprehends – compassion for other human beings.

Trump Sent a Dangerous Racist Message With Arpaio Pardon

Of all the people in America, it is likely there are very few as dirty and corrupt as Donald J. Trump; he is a legitimately bad human being. One of those “very few” is another man who believes he can make, enforce, and adjudicate his own laws, supersede all state and federal authority, ignore federal court orders, and has raging animus for people of color. Of course that person is Joe Arpaio and if anyone was surprised that his like-minded and lawless cohort Trump pardoned him they are bereft of a brain. Everybody and their brother knew the minute that Arpaio was convicted that Trump would surely keep him out of slam, and he did exactly that.

First, one thing has to be addressed, and cleared up immediately; Joe Arpaio was not convicted of a crime because he was “doing his job.” That is precisely what Trump said on Tuesday in Phoenix during yet another campaign rally, and he was sending a clear message to Hispanics and his racist base.

Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt of court. He blatantly flouted a federal court order to stop playing federal immigration officer and immigration judge by illegally detaining and imprisoning people that “he suspected” of being undocumented immigrants. One can say with the utmost confidence that there is no job in America that requires blowing off a federal court order, there just isn’t and yet that is precisely what Trump insinuated when he told his racist devotees in Phoenix that  “Sheriff Joe [was] convicted for doing his job?”

Arpaio’s criminal conviction actually had its beginnings over a decade ago stemming from a lawsuit against his sheriff’s office for “regularly violating the rights of Latinos.” Those regular violations included just stopping people based solely on their racial profile (people with brown skin), arresting and detaining them based on the sheriff’s suspicion they were in America illegally, and turning them over to immigration authorities; again based on the sheriff’s “suspicion” and their racial profile.

In 2011, a Federal District Court judge finally ordered Arpaio to cease, immediately, stopping people based on their skin color and detaining them based “solely on the sheriff’s suspicion” of their immigration status. The federal judge particularly noted that Arpaio was stopping and detaining citizens despite there was never even any suspicion they had violated any state law; they did, however, have brown skin.

Despite Arpaio’s sheriff’s office facing more lawsuits for illegally detaining American citizens and Latinos that were in the country legally, he continued the illegal practice because, like Don Trump, Arpaio believes he is a law unto himself. That being the case, and despite the federal judge’s order, Arpaio kept insisting that everything he was doing, including unconstitutional tactics, were legal according to his determination and that he would continue employing them.

That is what Arpaio was convicted for; having criminal contempt for a Federal District Court order and judge. It is worth reiterating for dumb Donnie Trump and his racist zealot following that Arpaio’s sheriff job description did not ever include flagrantly disobeying federal court orders.

One wonders if Trump didn’t get his racist idea of pressuring local police forces into deploying their officers to hunt down and round up Latinos “they suspect” are undocumented immigrants after learning that is what Arpaio was doing for years. Arpaio, as a county sheriff, knew he was not any part of the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Border Patrol, but that didn’t then and still doesn’t now, make any difference to him. He, like Trump, believes he is beholden to one set of laws and they are the ones he makes up in his head.

Trump also pardoned the criminal Arpaio to send a message to his base that abusing the rights of Americans and immigrants based solely on the color of their skin, or a person’s suspicion about their immigration status is “just doing a job.” For Arpaio, that job entailed abusing prisoners as well as facing lawsuits over inmate deaths.

At least Trump faced a bit of rage from Americans who see his ugly, but legal, pardon for what it is meant to be: a “clear and ugly message to Hispanic Americans.” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton was rightfully irritated and wrote:

“Pardoning Joe Arpaio is a slap in the face to the people of Maricopa County. Sheriff Joe Arpaio targeted and terrorized Latino families because of the color of their skin. He was ordered by a federal judge to stop and he refused. He received a fair trial and a justifiable conviction, and there’s nothing the President Trump can do to change that awful legacy and the stain he had left on our community.”

It is a sad legacy that Trump is leaving the same stain on America; and why wouldn’t he? Trump and Arpaio are both old, fat, white guys who refuse to adhere to any law or convention their dysfunctional brain refuses to accept. They are also both racists who do, and will, make up, or break laws that conform to white supremacy. And that ugly awful pardon is to show his alliance Arpaio and the incredibly stupid people who actually believe that being criminally contempt of court was part of his job.

Image: Damon Winter/The New York Times

Trump Wants More Mexican Immigrants Working in His Winery

With the anti-Trump movement apparently gaining steam, it is likely that each participant hates a different quality of the man a minority of voters were happy to send to the White House. One thing is certain though, they all likely detest Trump for his blatant hypocrisy, filthy lies, megalomania, and of course his disregard for any American who isn’t rich, religious, male and white. A little over a week ago a story that should have been the lead on every outlet over a 24-hour cycle was virtually ignored and it featured Trump the hypocrite, Trump the liar, and Trump the American job-killer.

Barely a week after Trump lied and took credit for “forcing” an Indiana company to halt the planned “shipment” of American jobs to Mexico, one of his Virginia companies appealed to the Labor Department, in writing no less, for authorization to hire foreign workers. For as much as Trump boasted he and only he could stop Mexican workers from coming to America to take Americans’ jobs, it should have been front page news that he seeks to bring in workers from Mexico to take Americans’ jobs and like every stinking thing dirty Donald does it is to profit himself.

The company in question is Trump Vineyard Estates LLC that wants to ship in Mexican immigrants to earn $3 more per hour than minimum wage, and only work 40 hours a week; conditions that Republicans decry as monumental job killers only Democrats support. The company is “a registered trade name of Eric Trump” Wine Manufacturing LLC, and on its Labor Department appeal touted the business as not owned, not managed and not affiliated “with Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, or any of their affiliates.” However, that is not what the incoming liar-in-chief said during the presidential campaign and not what he entered on financial disclosures; he is a liar as well as a hypocrite.

Earlier this year megalomaniac Trump bragged about “his winery” at a campaign event where “bottles of his wine” were one of the featured attractions. In fact, in boasting about how fabulous Trump Wine is, he spoke of Trump Vineyard Estates LLC glowingly: “I own it 100 percent, no mortgage, no debt.” Also, in Trump’s May 2016 financial disclosure documents he listed himself as the president of the company and for the 2015 tax year he documented that the winery “earned” him $150,000 to $1.1 million. It should come as no surprise that some news outlets reported that devious Don gave the winery to his son Eric in 2012 which means that one or both Trumps are lying.

Trump’s son himself is culpable for conflict of interest charges “if” he is intimately involved with the winery because not only does he serve on daddy Don’s transition team, he is widely expected to play and important role in dad’s administration. Apparently hypocrisy runs deep among Trumps because sonny-boy Eric has spent no small amount of time lambasting the loss of good American jobs to those dirty foreigners; especially like the ones from Mexico he wants to “import” to work at Trumps’ winery. All told, Trumps have brought in a couple of thousand immigrants to work in their businesses. In fact, Trump companies applied to bring in 263 foreign workers after Trump launched his campaign where he railed mercilessly against the loss of U.S. jobs to those nasty foreign workers.

This little event, besides featuring Trump lies, egomania, hypocrisy and killing American jobs, is a monumental conflict of interest for all the Trumps. One federal ethics experts remarked that this is a “classic conflict of interest” when the president or his relatives own businesses and apply for foreign worker visas and are also running the government including the Labor Department with purview over whether or not to issue work visas allowing foreign labor to come in and take Americans’ jobs; something the Trump clan rails against as un-American.

According to a former White House ethics lawyer now with the Brookings Institute, Norm Eisen said:

This is a powerful example of why Donald Trump needs to make a definitive break, not just with his operational interests but his ownership interests, by appointing an independent trustee to liquidate all that.”

Mr. Eisen’s remark parrots the call by the Wall Street Journal for Trump to completely divest all of his business holdings around the world or he will be guilty of conflict of interest with every policy decision he makes or is a party to making.

It is a relatively simple endeavor to find instances of Trump’s lies, hypocrisy, conflicts of interest, and outright corruption, but usually not all in one place. No matter if the baby-daddy or younger Trump owns a winery business, they are lying hypocrites for decrying foreign labor while they are officially applying to bring in foreign labor to displace Americans’ jobs. Maybe now that Trump expects American taxpayers to fund his “beautiful” wall to keep those Mexican workers out, the deplorable mainstream media will see fit to inform those same taxpayers that while Trump wants them to pay to keep immigrant labor out of America, he and his boy are attempting to bring immigrant labor in to enrich Trump.