Trump Inches Closer Towards Censoring Media

For all of Trump’s enmity toward North Korea’s Trump-like leader, the fascist in the White House is embracing concepts that keep Kim Jong-un in power without opposition or dissent. After a typical Trump Twitter outburst yesterday, it appears that he is serious in using the United States Congress to target, investigate, and punish the news media and journalists. Yesterday he called on the United States Senate to “investigate” the various news outlets that publish unflattering, but accurate and truthful, stories about him and his administration.

Apparently when Trump took the “swear to godoath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” he was lying.  Of course he was lying and that became obvious the day of his poorly attended inauguration. Trump doesn’t have much use for the Constitution, much less any intent to preserve and protect it; not when he’s violated it willfully and often for pecuniary gain. But this is the first time he has made it clear he wants to use the federal government to aid him in violating the Constitution’s 1st Amendment to censor the media like his fascist paramours in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s panties were in a wad over a couple of reports, and one report that never happened, regarding his strained relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; a strained relationship like Trump eventually develops with anyone who fails to lick his boots. Apparently Trump was incited to a Twitter outburst after learning that his Secretary of State called him a “moron” with “an R-rated modifier” that rhymes with “trucking.” Tillerson’s aptly-worded remarks were many Americans’ reaction to Trump’s self-aggrandizing campaign speech to the Boy Scouts. For dog’s sake, except for evangelical extremists and Nazis, nearly everyone in America and around the world has called Trump a moron – probably with several “R-rated modifiers.”

A couple of hours before dawn yesterday, Trump “tweeted:

Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”

As any eighth grader knows, the “Senate Intel Committee” isn’t investigating any kind of media because unlike Trump, the preponderance of senators comprehend that the First Amendment forbids Congress from abridging freedom of the press.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Tillerson held a news conference after the reporting that he called Trump a “f*cking moron;” a report he definitely did not deny. Instead, he took the “kind-of” high road and said, “I’m not going to deal with petty stuff like that.” Still, Trump interpreted Tillerson’s “non-denial” later in the day as proof  the media was lying by claiming the story reported by NBC was “totally refuted” and “made up.”

Not content to use Twitter to spread his own “totally refuted” and “made up” claims about what Tillerson did or did not say, Trump went back to Twitter less than an hour later; surely to impress on his devotees how important it is for Congress to investigate the press. Trump assailed NBC as spreading “fake news” that Rex Tillerson threatened to resign. He “tweeted:”

Rex Tillerson never threatened to resign. This is Fake News put out by NBCNews. Low news and reporting standards. No verification from me.”

 Besides news outlets or journalists not needing verification (approval) from the liar-in-chief, there is the minor issue of Trump’s wont of spreading “Fake News” to incite rage against the media. It is “Fake News” from Trump that NBC reported Tillerson threatened to resign; it just didn’t happen. What its report did claim was that Tillerson “was on the verge” of stepping down. It is an entirely believable claim after Trump assailed the Secretary of State in public for wasting his time in seeking a diplomatic solution to North Korea.

The insinuation from Trump, and a glaring dog whistle to his zealot followers, is that there is no “real news” except that which he “personally verifies is real” to reporters and news outlets. It is precisely how the “news” is curated in North Korea; only news personally approved by Kim Jong-un is real and verified as suitable for delivery to the public.

Many politicians have rocky relationships with the free press, especially those who lie at about the same rate most people use a toilet. But Trump is a different animal, (all due respect to every animal on the planet). Since his campaign he has made inciting animus toward the press nearly as high a priority as boasting about himself at every opportunity.

Trump has regularly assailed reporters en masse, and very personally. He incites his acolytes, especially in rallies, against various media outlets and reporters, and hypocritically accused individual reporters of sedition. As an aside, writing an accurate story is only considered seditious in countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

During the campaign Trump made a big deal out of wanting libel laws changed to make it easier to sue news outlets he considers spreading fake news; like accurate stories and stories that don’t acknowledge his divinity. He also uses “memes” of violence against news outlets and they are not humorous or inconsequential. They are highly successful incremental acts to incite his followers to violence against the free press.

Although this latest call for the Senate to investigate news outlets is an authoritarian dictator’s move, and it is no revelation that Trump wants the authority to censor the free press, there is the “vengeance” factor Trump is renowned for. Remember, it was the free press that reported every moronic word Trump uttered as well as reporting that Trump is connected to Russia; and that he lies more often than an infant soils its diaper. Those accurately reported stories are one of the reasons the public even knows why the Senate Intelligence Committee, like several other committees and 17 different intelligence agencies, are investigating the corrupt fascist. Getting vengeance on people he thinks wronged him is Trump’s admitted raison d’être. Now he thinks the White House gives him authority to “get back” at his perceived enemies and it explains his attacks on the NFL and now poses a serious threat to the free press.

It is uncertain if anything comes from this latest authoritarian move, at least legally and in the near future. But what is certain is that Trump continues instilling a violent distrust of the media, and the truth, into his feeble-minded acolytes and Americans too ridiculously stupid to recognize a corrupt fascist dictator when they see one.

There is no doubt Trump would unilaterally censor the media if it was within his power, but since he can’t he is doing the next best thing; calling on Congress to do his dirty work. If Trump succeeds, there will still be media in America, but it will be Alex Jones Infowars, Brietbart and Fox News, and the extremist evangelical networks; the only media Trump hasn’t attacked because they are the only groups spreading his fake news.

White Trash in the White House

The definition of “character” as it refers to a human being is “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” Most Americans would hope, if not believe ardently, that the person legally occupying the White House would be a person of the highest moral and mental character, regardless their politics. Since January 20, 2017 Americans can hardly say the current White House occupant does not have “distinctive mental and and mental qualities,” but they certainly aren’t the qualities one expects of a civilized human being, much less the head of the Executive branch of government.

At this juncture, even dyed-in-the-wool conservatives are becoming outspoken about Trump’s character and it is still a mystery why they have waited until now to speak out. Shortly after Trump besmirched the office of the president with a crass misogynistic remark about a woman’s appearance and mental fitness, renowned conservative pundit and Republican stalwart Bill Kristol “Tweeted” the obvious. He said,

The problem isn’t Trump’s Twitter. The problem is Trump’s character.”

Mr. Kristol wasn’t finished with Trump, though, and addressed another “Tweet” directly to the @realDonaldTrump. He wrote simply that: “You are a pig.”

Kristol likely has a few other choice words for the Trump, most of us do. But his reference to Trump as “a pig” brings up an important point. It doesn’t matter how rich, how powerful, or how high an office or station in life a person occupies, their actions and words define their character. It is like the rhetorical expression, “lipstick on a pig.” The idea is that no matter the cosmetic enhancements a person employs, it is an exercise in futility to attempt to disguise their true nature with wealth or power; or expect a pig with lipstick to be anything other than a pig. As an aside, comparing Trump to a pig is an insult to the swine population everywhere; that is not this author’s intent.

It isn’t clear how involved Trump is with personal cosmetic enhancements, but if he or his acolytes believe for one second that being rich, living in the White House, or running a multi-billion dollar business empire makes him any less white trash, they are deluded.

White trash is a deliberately derogatory term typically used for Southern white people. But that is a patently unfair reference to Southern people and not just because this author is Southern born. No, white trash can be anyone regardless of their geographical location, station in life, or high-level of affluence.

Traits of white trash include a bent towards chauvinism, racism, bigotry, conservatism, protestant Christianity, and often country music; but that country music bit is unfair. White trash people also tend to be self-righteous, ignorant, lazy, illiterate and cheap; all accurate descriptions of dirty Don Trump.

This little screed is not about any group of Americans most would regard as white trash even though it is true that white trash definitely appeals to other white trash; a fact that explains Trump’s appeal to ignorant racists and evangelical conservatives. No, this is about the white trash in the White House. And although there is a monumental mass of white trash (see above definition) ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, only one of them is allowed to claim official occupancy of the Oval Office.

After Trump’s disgusting remarks about Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, the senior vice president of communications for NBCUniversal News Group,  Mark Korblau, said:

Never imagined a day when I would think to myself, ‘it is beneath my dignity to respond to the president of the United States.’”

Mr. Kornblau was referring to Trump attacking Ms. Brzezinski as “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and claiming he had seen her “bleeding badly from a face-lift.” Trump’s comments belie any sense of decency even for regular white trash, and they inform how monumentally ‘white trash’ Trump really is. This isn’t Trump’s first foray into publicly insulting women, but it is precisely why no small number of Americans think to themselves;  “It is beneath my dignity to even refer to dirty Donald Trump as president of the United States.

For dog’s sake, no president, no matter how inherently mean and vicious they might be, would ever even entertain the idea of sending a series of insults to their 32-plus million social media followers; they just wouldn’t consider it. However, before January 20, 2017, America has never had to suffer white trash in the Oval Office. What is very telling is that no matter how crass, vile and hateful the white trash in the White House gets, Trump still has devotees clinging to his every tweet as if uttered straight from the biblical god’s mouth.

This latest incident informs more about Trump than he epitomizes the worst of white trash; he is a spoiled crybaby that is incapable of taking any form of criticism, dissent, or even mild disagreement regardless the source. It is precisely why Trump hates any form of media that fails to praise him as a messiah, and just one of myriad reasons he may be qualified to be a skank on a reality television, but nothing else.

If Trump thought for a nano-second that the media was going to roll over, stop doing their jobs, and fawn over his every utterance simply because he gets to live in the White House, he is learning that the media, whether print, visual, or digital have two important tasks as members of the Fourth Estate.

First and foremost, journalists are beholden to report facts and events as they happen. Secondly, and more important for a civilized society; a journalist’s job is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” by reporting and commenting on how the government, or in this case the white trash in the White House, is hurting the people.

Donald Trump is, in obscenity-free street parlance, a bonafide “punk-ass bitch.” Even the whitest of the white trash would hesitate to publicly malign a woman’s intelligence, sanity, and appearance simply because she performed her job. Oh, it’s true there are plenty of white trash males who would badmouth a woman in the company of their closest confidantes, but they would never, never ever, take that route publicly. Even the dirtiest white trash comprehends that insulting women publicly is a serious breach of decency and that really is this author’s point. Donald Trump is the personification of white trash and he may be filthy rich, wear expensive suits, and live in the White House, but in the same way putting lipstick on a pig cannot hide the fact it is still a pig, Donald Trump living in the White House doesn’t hide the fact that he is pure white trash and the personification of everything that nasty label entails.