Trump Signs Secret Pact With Israel To “Deal With Iran”

It is no revelation that a fair number of Republicans have dreamed of a “substantial” war with Iran going back to 1979 when the Islamic population chose its own government. Imperialist regimes always have problems when sovereign nations reject foreign domination, and America’s conservatives are still angry the leader they installed in Iran was sent packing and the Ayatollah became Iran’s Supreme Leader. Add to that simmering anger the Republicans’ devotion to executing the demands of a foreigner who dreams of America waging war on Iran and any idea of peace in the region looks bleak at best.

Because Republicans control the entire government, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a devoted puppy in the White House, it was just a matter of time before the Israeli leader exercised his authority to set American Middle East (war) policy. It was something he enjoyed during the Bush administration where he successfully directed George W. Bush  to attack and invade Iraq. He missed having that awesome authority during President Barack Obama’s tenure and it informs his willingness to humiliate himself by pandering to Trump’s narcissism and assuming a man-crush on an honest-to-dog moron.

Now Netanyahu is imposing his will and flexing his American puppet’s muscle and setting the stage for the war Steve Bannon, most Republicans and some Israeli-Democrats want American soldiers to engage in on Israel’s behalf. Trump is an ignorant buffoon who needs a new distraction so he is obviously doing his best to satisfy his Middle East war policy advisor Netanyahu – at least as long as good old “Bibi” continues stroking Trump’s ego.

According to Israel’s Channel 10 News, Trump and Israeli “officials reached a highly secretive closed-door cooperation agreement on how to deal with Iran” a couple of weeks ago.  The “Times of Israel” reported that the “deal” was signed at the White House on December 12 with the specific aim of countering Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. The “agreement” is being touted as “translating Trump’s decertifying the Iran deal into steps [boots] on the ground.

An Israeli official commented on the purpose of the “highly secretive” agreement thus:

“The U.S. and Israel see eye to eye the different developments in the region and especially those connected to Iran. We reached at (sic) understandings (sic) regarding the strategy and the policy needed to counter Iran. Our understandings deal with the overall strategy but also with concrete goals, way of action and the means which need to be used to get obtain (sic) those goals.”

Most of the world believed that any “developments connected to Iran” were adequately dealt with two years ago by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreed upon by Iran and the so-called P5+1 nations (America, United Kingdom, China, France, Russia and Germany). Trump and Netanyahu refuse to acknowledge the validity of a major deal with the world’s leading powers and Iran because it did not plan for American military action against the Islamic Republic.

It is important to note that when Trump refused to certify Iran’s compliance with the P5+1 nations, he did so despite confirmation from all the parties involved that Iran was in total compliance with conditions of the agreement. As noted here, even the “Iran nuclear deal’s critics in Congress said it was in the best interest of all parties to stay in the deal” and they were not alone by any means.

For example, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is responsible for verifying whether Iran has been in compliance and that organization reported just prior to Trump’s decertification that “Iran has been fulfilling the commitments it entered into” under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). That “official agency” confirmation was in addition to American intelligence agencies, America’s top military brass, Israeli intelligence, and Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary who all verified and assured Trump that “there is no evidence that Iran has violated the terms of the deal.”

Still, no matter how many times he has been told Iran is fully compliant with the terms of the JCPOA, Trump is fulfilling months-long rumors that a war with Iran is in the near future. That Trump made a “closed-door” secret agreement with Israel to “deal with Iran” to “translate decertifying the Iran deal into steps on the ground” is fairly telling about the warmongers’ intent.

Apparently, the rumors that Trump would make a move in October or November to expedite a conflict with Iran were not rumors after all. Decertifying the Iran deal in October and then entering into a secret agreement a mere month later to “deal with Iran” was part of a strategy to start a conflict. Moreover, it appears the strategy has been in the works since before Trump’s poorly attended inauguration.

Remember, Steve Bannon promised very early in Trump’s tenure that America would have to be at war with Iran prior to starting a war in the South China Sea.  It is noteworthy that a war with Iran will not only sate the neo-con warmongers in Trump’s administration, it will satisfy the demands of the military industrial complex for more wars to sell more weapons. However, the primary purpose of decertifying Iranian compliance and making a secret pact is to satisfy Netanyahu’s demand that America wages war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As a brief aside, it is important to note that Iran has never attacked or invaded any nation in over 240 years; something Israel can never claim in its short 69 year existence. And yet America under Trump and Israel are promoting the Islamic Republic as an aggressor that needs to be “dealt with.

It should not surprise anyone that Trump signed a secret pact with Israel “to deal with Iran.” It is fairly obvious that because the official  P5+1 Nations’ “deal with Iran” did not give Netanyahu the American attack and invasion of Iran he wants, Trump stepped up to do the foreigner’s bidding. Trump wants to show Netanyahu that he will use American military might to “deal with Iran” the same way Israel deals with Palestinian civilians.

Only an idiot doesn’t believe that “deal with Iran” is not-so-subtle code for “start a war with Iran” to assure Netanyahu that with a Republican controlled government, Israel effectively controls America’s Middle East war policy. With a willing sycophant in the White House and an obedient Republican majority in Congress, it appears that going forward Netanyahu will determine which majority Muslim nation America wages war on.

Image: Evan Vucci

White House Condemns Israel For Lying To Secure $38 Billion In Military Aid


It’s probably the case that every American has experienced someone who claims to be a close friend, smiles and shakes your hand warmly as they await a generous gift. However, once the gift is secured, that so-called close friend turns around and betrays their so-called friend’s trust. That scenario played out over the past two weeks when, after securing a generous $38 billion in military aid, Israel betrayed its “friendship” with America and violated an agreement by doing the opposite of what it pledged not to do less than two weeks ago.

This week the Obama Administration condemned the Israeli government for its plan to create a new Israeli settlement on the West Bank. The announced plan came less than three weeks after America signed off on a very lucrative military aid package to its “good friend” Israel. In an unusually, but warranted, harsh statement, the State Department officially and “strongly condemned” Israel’s expansion plan claiming it violated the Jewish state’s pledge not to construct new settlements. The move also “ran counter to long-term security interests Israel” said it sought to protect the military aid package’s delivery. Apparently, Israel’s word was only good until it was guaranteed that America would deliver the $38 billion in military aid.

For American officials, the problem is that Israel is establishing a string of settlements which the Obama Administration, and any reasonable person, understands is an effort to “effectively divide the West Bank and make the possibility of a viable Palestinian state more remote,” if not impossible. In fact, the State Department said this latest settlement is “deep in the West Bank, far closer to Jordan than to Israel.”

The announcement was a particularly offensive slap in America’s face because President Obama had just met with Israeli Prime Minister and Republican Party operative Benjamin Netanyahu during a United Nations meeting. It was a meeting where the President expressed his deep concerns about Israel’s continuing settlement construction because they undermine any possibility of a peaceful resolution to the long-simmering conflict; a conflict that could be solved if Israel would concede that the Palestinian people have every right to exactly what America provided Israel; a homeland. It is said that the announcement infuriated President Obama after signing off on the $38 billion amid assurances from Netanyahu that Israel really sought peace and supported the storied two state solution

In a statement, the deputy spokesman for the State Department, Mark Toner said,

“It is disheartening that while Israel and the world mourned the passing of President Shimon Peres, and leaders from the U.S. and other nations prepared to honor one of the great champions of peace, plans were advanced that would seriously undermine the prospects for a two-state solution that he so passionately supported.”

Experts claim that the Administration’s harsh words signal rekindled speculation that the President might “lay down guidelines for a proposed peace agreement” between Israel and the Palestinians before his tenure in office is over; “either in a speech or, less likely, by backing a resolution at the United Nations Security Council.” According to a former Obama Administration special envoy for an Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiated settlement, Martin S. Indulging,

“The administration has been escalating its rhetoric in opposition to West Bank settlement activity for more than a year. The government of Israel doesn’t seem to be listening. At a certain point, the administration may well decide that there needs to be consequences for what it now sees as an effort to close off the two-state solution.”

Despite the outward talk from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the Jewish state is deeply interested in a two-state solution and peace with Palestinians who are cordoned off on an American-styled Indian reservation, the Republican operative has no intent on seeking peace. It isn’t surprising either because according to the official Republican Party platform, any idea of ever supporting a two state solution and peace in the region was rejected. However, there was no rejection or opposition to handing Israel a whopping $38 billion in military aid that Israel will use against sequestered Palestinians.

This Obama Administration’s condemnation of yet another Israeli plan to prohibit a two-state solution was not only well-warranted, it was long overdue. It was particularly necessary since President Obama had just met with Netanyahu privately and raised concerns about Israeli’s continued settlement construction and that the President and peace-loving people regard as its “corrosive effect on the peace process” that Netanyahu assured the President was not an issue; at least until he secured a lucrative $38 billion military gift from Americans. It was, no matter how one assesses it, a betrayal by “a friend;” or as the Obama Administration labeled it, they were misled.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest commented about being misled,

“We did receive public assurances from the Israeli government that contradict this announcement. I guess when we’re talking about how good friends treat one another, that’s a source of serious concern as well.”

After eight years of betrayal, maybe the real concern should be that Israel is only America’s “good friend” as long as it continues receiving billions in military aid. It is a practice that has to stop until Israel agrees to seriously seek peace and provide Palestinians with a homeland without conditions exactly like America provided for Israel and with no expectation of remuneration because that is what “real good friends” are prone to do.

This article originally posted October 18