Christian Extremists Blame Victims For Manchester Terror Attack

It is a natural trait of human beings to assign blame when there is a tragedy no matter if it is a natural or man-made disaster whether as part of the natural healing process or to make sense out of a tragic event that claimed lives. However, it is usually a good idea to place the blame where it belongs to either easily address the problem so it never occurs again if that’s possible, or to properly heal and move forward. Of course there is a contingent in America that can always find some way to blame victims of a disaster for being innocent victims, or blame another group that angered a vengeful deity.

After the horrid terror attack in Manchester England outside of a venue where American entertainer Ariana Grande was performing for her mostly young female fans, there was the typical finger-pointing at the Muslim religion. Obviously, these finger-pointing morons are bereft of the easily confirmed fact that, according to the Islamic holy book the Quran, the quickest way for an Islamic adherent to go straight to Muslim Hell is to take the life of an innocent. Even in a raging war, killing an innocent means the guilty Muslim will “never smell Heaven.” The Manchester terrorist attack is not supported by the Islamic religion. It was a vile criminal act and nothing more or less.

There is another group, American Christian extremists, who seemingly always find a way to blame the victims who were either killed or injured whenever there is a terror attack or even as a result of a natural disaster. These are typically the type of savage beast that blames a woman for being violently raped, and it is generally attributed to some form of ‘godly’ punishment inflicted on the victim for some slight against the Christian extremist’s god. That was the sentiment of some seriously twisted American Christian extremists who blamed the victims of the Manchester terror attack on who else? The victims; primarily young pre-teen and teenaged girls ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old or their parents who either accompanied them to the concert or were waiting to pick them up and escort them home.

Right Wing Watch has reported that one of those Christian extremists, an anti-LGBTQ crusader named Theodore Shoebat released a video expressing a familiar sentiment typical of the religious right; a sentiment lacking in any kind of compassion for the victims. Shoebat is not a “follower of Christ” kind of Christian; he is a hate-driven monster that warrants being drawn and quartered and fed to whichever starving beast is willing to eat his putrid flesh. Instead of showing even a modicum of compassion for the innocent victims in Manchester, Shoebat displayed the typical hate rampant among, and permeating, America’s despicable evangelical fundamentalists.

Not only is Shoebat lacking any sense of compassion for the innocent victims, he all but asserted those young children and their parents are to blame for their own deaths and injuries. In fact, Shoebat asserted the terrorist that killed 22 innocent children and their parents was an emissary from god meting out “judgement for the West’s rejection of Christianity and its acceptance of homosexuality and degeneracy.” Shoebat said:

I really have no sympathy for these people. The people who died, the people who were injured, the people who were scared out of their minds, who ran away [screaming], I really don’t care. The types of people who go to these concerts are the same types of people who are responsible for the degeneracy that you see in society.

They go to these concerts dressed up as whores, dressed up as sluts, they’re pro-sodomite, they’re pro-divorce, they’re pro-infidelity. They want evil, they want decay, they want sodomy, they want Sodom and Gomorrah.”

It is possible that Shoebat is too driven by his Christian hate to comprehend that the predominant age of the Ariana Grande fan is between 8 and 16 or he would never have claimed the young, mostly female, victims are “pro-infidelity, pro-divorce or pro-sodomite.” The young English fans are also not responsible for anything remotely related to American society any more than they want decay or sodomy. It is a fair bet that none of the young female victims want evil, decay or Sodom and Gomorrah either. But since Shoebat is a typical evangelical  monster of epic proportion he blamed young British children and their parents for what he perceives as the ills of American society

A different Christian extremist, someone known as a “Christian blogger,” wrote on Twitter that her personal god used the horrible terror attack to send the young American pop artist, Ariana Grande, a stern message to teach her the error of her ways; including not listening to god when he speaks. The truly abominable so-called Christian, Jennifer Mayer, wrote on Twitter:

God is speaking to her [Ariana Grande] for being promiscuous and promoting homosexuals.  When HE speaks you must listen, friends!”

This hate-driven so-called Christian, Jennifer Mayer, must worship a genuinely evil god to claim her deity killed 22 English citizens, mostly young girls and their parents, to teach a young American “pop singer” the error of her ways. Apparently in the Christian extremist world, dressing like an entertainer during a stage performance and doing what the biblical Jesus Christ commanded his followers to do, love and embrace all people, even non-heterosexual people, warrants their god’s wrath on innocent girls and their parents; all to teach a young American pop singer a lesson.

Not to be outdone by the Christian extremists, Donald Trump’s close advisor and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones joined the evangelical chorus to condemn the victims while praising his Earthly demi-god Trump. The right-wing freak of nature and “conservative thought leader” labeled the young British girls and their parents “liberal trendies” he says champion bringing radical terrorists into America.

While he was praising Trump for enriching the American military industrial complex with a deal to sell arms to the nation responsible for 9/11, Saudi Arabia, Jones said:

And less than 24 hours after President Trump finishes that speech, a big bomb goes off at a pop star’s rock concert bombing a bunch of liberal trendies. The same people … who are promoting open borders, bringing Islamists in.”

First, Alex Jones is referring to, on average, 8 to 16 year old British girls who no more comprehend, much less promote, something called “open borders” than they comprehend or promote Ronald Reagan’s supply side economics; Jones is one seriously sick twisted piece of work.

Second, there is no possible way those mostly female British pre-teens and teens are promoting bringing “Islamists” in to America. Islamists is a typically conservative label for someone who commits an act of terror; unless they are white evangelical racists, then they are ignored.  One doesn’t have much faith that Jones is any smarter than an eight-year-old English child, but he certainly has to know that Manchester is in the United Kingdom and English citizens, no matter their age, certainly don’t promote “bringing Islamists into America.”

Even the National Rifle Association had to weigh in and blame the victims for the terror attack and claimed the Manchester Arena bombing only happened because of the victims’ “gender bending” and England’s sane gun laws.

As Michael Stone at Patheos noted, these “deplorable” Christian extremists and their conservative brethren “are happy to blame the victim in order to score ideological points; even if she is only eight years old.

A list of the victims is here and it is noteworthy that all but two of them were British and most were either young English girls or their parents. Still, as they are wont to do, America’s Christian extremist sect, the religious right, had no issue blaming the victims for something they claim their god did to punish America and a young pop singer.

h/t Patheos