White Supremacists Cancel Rally but Nazis Are Here to Stay

America is in horrid state at this juncture in its history, and not solely because there is a corrupt administration and Republican Congress running the country. Oh, it is true the events of the past couple of days inform the Republic is in trouble, but there is an epidemic in the population as dangerous as the criminal in the White House. And it is noteworthy that the offender in the Oval Office is part and parcel of metastasizing the white supremacy plague nationwide.

A couple of days after a white Oklahoma police officer who shot and killed an unarmed African American man with his hands in the air had her record wiped clean of the incident “as if it never happened,” Nazi white supremacists staged a “white lives matter” protest; they have had enough of white people being persecuted.

There has been of a growing chorus of white supremacists complaining that, despite how often unarmed African Americans are shot and killed by white police officers, or African Americans’ voting rights are abridged by white Republicans, the real victims of racial injustice in America are white people under assault from “forces of darkness;” hardly a subtle dog whistle to white supremacists.

The “white lives matterprotest in Shelbyville Tennessee over the weekend was led by a convicted felon and white supremacist who took a minute to explain why the Nazis and Confederate fascists were taking to the streets. They were protesting being persecuted and there to “defend their white heritage” by standing “against the forces of darkness.”

A group of about 100 white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and avowed fascists were met by a “heavy police presence” and about 200 counteprotestors in a small Middle Tennessee town on Saturday past.  Members of the community in Shelbyville were terrified they would see the same level of violence that “visited” Charlottesville, Virginia a couple of months ago. Their fears were well-founded because one of the Nazi leaders, Mike Tubbs, has spent time in prison for plotting to bomb African American businesses and was responsible for ordering the violence in Charlottesville. Then as now, the white supremacist was fighting to preserve white supremacy, not heritage, from “forces of darkness” – code for Black people.

Because there was such a heavy police presence and mass of counter protestors, a second white rally planned in the afternoon in the larger city of Murfreesboro, was “abruptly canceled” by the Nazi organizers.

The “Nazi rally” was organized under an umbrella group of white supremacist organizations called the Nationalist Front; a loosely affiliated federation made up of white hate groups such as Vanguard America, the League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, Anti-Communist Action and The Right Stuff.

Like they did in Charlottesville, the white supremacists “were seen throwing up Nazi salutes, carrying shields, wearing helmets and chanting “white lives matter” and “blood and soil.” All of this hate and vitriol is to demonstrate against white persecution and to protect whites from the “forces of darkness.” And of course they took their “protest” to another former Confederate state.

A serious phalanx of police stood between the counter protestors and fascists to prevent a repeat of Charlottesville. There was no violence at the “protest,” but there was an racially-incited assault after the “rally” when members of Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP) assaulted a white woman for having dinner with an African American man. No doubt the white assault victim was part of the “forces of darkness” because she was dating a Black man. When these white supremacists say they want to preserve “their heritage,” they mean revert to a their concept of a “happier time” when commingling with a member of another race was a crime.

The head of the National Socialist Movement, Jeff Schoep, told a Huffington Post reporter that the  Nazi fascists’ ultimate goal is transforming America into a “white ethnostate” or “white homeland;” in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany the term was “Aryan Nation.” Schoep said that for now, he and his fellow Nazis will have to settle for being “white civil rights advocates” and pressing the issue that “white lives matter;” no matter how often white privilege allows white cops to shoot and kill unarmed African Americans or white Republicans restrict African Americans’ right to vote.

It is unbelievable, or maybe not, that the government is not taking some kind of action to address this absurd idea that white people, supremacists or otherwise, fail to see the white privilege in America and instead, claim they have to protect themselves from the “forces of darkness.” If any American thinks that Nazi fascists and white supremacists are alone in thinking “their race” is under assault, they are grossly misinformed.

In a fairly recent poll more than half, 55 percent, of white people surveyed say that “generally speaking, they believe there is discrimination against white people today.” In 2011 a Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School survey found similar results under the conservative catch-phrase “reverse racism.” In that poll, white Americans were certain discrimination against white Americans in 2011 was worse than anti-Black discrimination in the 1950s.  Trump took advantage of that bizarre idea during the campaign and continues unabated: The rise of the Nazi fascists and white supremacists is indubitably a result of Trump’s election and incessant incitement to racism, white supremacy, and a return to “white heritage.”

There is no doubt there has been a fair amount of racial animus among whites for a long , long time; it just wasn’t an openly popular position to embrace until Barack Obama’s election in 2008. Many Americans were curiously dumbfounded that despite a decent majority of Americans voting for an African American man as their President, that there was still racism in the population. The racism was always there, but the idea that an African American man was elected as President of the United States was a bridge too far and all the proof the racists needed that their “white heritage” was under a vicious assault for “forces of darkness” in the form of Barack Obama.

Trump simply seized on that roiling racism as a campaign tactic and the conservative movement has embraced it as one of its primary means of keeping the people in a state of acrimony. It is no coincidence that Trump began assailing primarily Black NFL players for exercising their 1st Amendment right to protest racial injustice. He is deliberately portraying those African Americans as “un-American” and unwilling to know their place. It was telling that Trump said if they failed to do as he ordered the “sons-of-bitches” should be “terminated.”

It also is no coincidence that Trump is attempting to erase President Barack Obama’s accomplishments as if an African American President never existed. Trump is as much a racist as his Nazi white supremacist devotees.

There is a reason Trump and Republicans take advantage of the rampant racism among their supporters; to keep the population both at odds with, and terrified of, “the other.” The last thing Republicans, or Trump for that matter, want is for all Americans to communicate and finally realize that 99 percent of the population is being played against each other by the 1 percent.

These white supremacists are not going away anytime soon, if at all. The only temporary remedy is what occurred in Shelbyville Tennessee over the weekend; greater numbers of counter protestors and a massive police presence. However, there is sadly no easy, or culturally-acceptable long-term solution primarily because this kind disease, white supremacy, is a generational affliction that no amount of “tolerance training” is going to solve. Besides, the idea of “tolerating” other American citizens is still just a means of covering over institutionalized racism.

The reason so many Americans are stunned at the level of racism is because white supremacists were veritably forced to “tolerate” African Americans as equal citizens with the progress won by the civil rights movement.  Now they have a racist administration behind them and they know they can proceed without fear or impediment from the Justice Department as they build momentum towards creating what too many Americans apparently desire; a “white ethnostate” or “white homeland.” It is exactly what Adolf Hitler created in Nazi Germany and exactly what a terrifyingly disgusting number of Americans want today.

Image: Stephanie Keith/Reuters

U.N. Issues Rare Warning Over Trump’s Violent Racism


For the second time in less than two weeks, America’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has made a remarkable statement that the man leading the United States does not speak for, or represent the values, of the United States. Tillerson’s rebuke of Trump and his racist worldview was a pathetic attempt to assure the rest of the world that America is not racist like the man in the White House; even though “facts on the ground” contradict Tillerson’s remarks. It is true that Trump’s racism does not represent the entire population, or the Constitution, but with little to no pushback against Trump and his adherents from the party controlling the government, the rest of the world definitely sees Trump as “spokesman for racist America.”

It is almost certain that Secretary Tillerson’s remarks were in response to a damning condemnation of Trump’s leadership by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). It is a sad fact that Trump has so tarnished America’s reputation around the world by embracing white supremacists and Nazis that the world organization had to issue a rare warning to the United States. In the same manner they have warned seven brutal dictatorships and war-ravaged developing nations over the past decade, the U.N. warned America to get a handle on the racially driven hate plaguing the country.

It is a tragedy that while Republicans allow their racist standard bearer to incite his devotees’ animus toward people of color and the wrong religions (Jews and Muslims), they are content to sit back and let the United Nations warn Americans to embrace their Constitution and equal rights and reject Trump.

It is most likely that Rex Tillerson’s claim that the Constitution speaks for America, and not Trump, was a tepid insinuation that if Trump had any fealty to the Constitution, he would never embrace white supremacists and Nazis. Not only does Trump lack any respect for or devotion to the nation’s founding document, he did saythe U.S. Constitution is bad for the country;” probably a statement that was not lost on the rest of the world.

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was so appalled at the results of “the horrific neo-Nazi riot in Charlottesville, Virginia” that they had to take what is arguably a “very rare” action. The idea that Nazis and white supremacists rioted in a first-world wealthy nation leading to violence, several injuries, and “a woman being murdered in a vehicle attack” did not incur universal outrage from America’s leaders, so the U.N. had to issue a warning.

The U.N. knows, like decent Americans, that Republicans are not doing anything to combat racism or rein in their Nazi leader Trump. In fact, because of the Trump-approved atrocity in Charlottesville, coupled with the increasing frequency of racial hate crimes since he was inaugurated, CERD felt it was their humanitarian duty to take the extraordinary step of issuing an “early warning” to the United States.

CERD issued its “formal early warning” not because they believe it will have any effect on the racist Trump, but to send a message that the world is appalled at the blatant display of racism since Trump’s ascendancy to a place he doesn’t belong. The U.N.’s warning is “rare” and “unprecedented” because it has only been issued against third world nations or tyrannical dictatorships such as ISIS in Iraq, Burundi, and Kyrgyzstan. Now America is included in that “rare” list.

Although CERD stopped short of directly naming Trump, they left no doubt as to whom the “early warning” was intended. Anastasia Crickley is CERD chairwoman and in a statement she said:

We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred.”

Actually, CERD did not have to specifically name Trump because they “took a thinly veiled swipe” at him for “falsely claiming that many sides were to blame for the white supremacist and Nazi violence in Charlottesville.” CERD’s “formal early warningspecificallyadmonishes high-level politicians and public officials to unequivocally and unconditionally reject and condemn hate speech.” It is telling and humiliating that the world organization had to admonish America’s leaders to reject and condemn hate speech.

Obviously, Trump is never going to reject or condemn his racist ‘acolytes’ any more than Republicans will condemn and reject their racist standard bearer. It is just as obvious that the United Nations’ early warning will have no effect on Trump, his Nazi disciples, or his Republican enablers. In fact, it is mildly shocking that Trump has not seized on the “early warning” to rile up his base against the United Nations and launch a new “us against the world” campaign.

Tillerson’s rebuke of Trump as “not speaking” for America likely did not fool the U.N. any more than it fools Americans. All he really accomplished was pissing off Trump; but nobody in their right mind will condemn him for that. However, pissing off Trump or not, America is still a racist nation or Trump would never have been nominated, much less elected. Moreover, the American people would not have had to suffer through eight years of GOP-incited racism against a very popular President simply because he is Black. Racism is an American trait whether the people acknowledge it or not and that may be the one positive out of the U.N.’s warning; reaffirming that what Trump, Republicans, and their base represent is very real and very American.

Trump has had a deleterious effect on America’s image since he won the election and has tarnished that already damaged image daily since his sparsely attended inauguration. It is too bad mainstream media has not reported that because of Trump, the United Nations had to warn Americans they are on a short list of “developing and unstable countries threatened by ethnic civil war.” It is a warning no small number of pundits and commenters have expressed since Trump emerged on the national scene.