Sessions Uses DOJ To Defend Ohio’s Massive Voter Purge


So, it turns out there was a reason the current evangelical attorney general committed felony perjury before the United States Senate and risked being sent to a federal penitentiary for five years. Jeff Sessions desperately wanted to advance his deeply-held religious convictions and use the Justice Department to punish the LGBTQ community nearly as much as he wanted to thwart democracy by restricting voting rights to white Republicans.

This week, the lying evangelical attorney general directed the DOJ to intervene in a “controversial” federal court case and protect a red state’s effort to revoke voters’ registration; an effort that has already purged well over 2 million voters from mostly Democratic-leaning neighborhoods. The case Sessions’ butted in to involves Ohio’s fascist Republican policy that has revoked voting rights for citizens Republicans claim are ineligible to participate in democracy if they haven’t voted for six years.

The DOJ filed an amicus brief on behalf of Ohio Republicans claiming that purging mostly Democratic voters is perfectly legal; the DOJ solicitor general stopped short of claiming the Republican voter purge campaign was inspired by god almighty. This fascist idea that all states are supposed to attack voting rights began in earnest in late June on the same day Trump, Pence, and Kris Kobach demanded personal and confidential voter data from every state in the Union. On that day the Sessions-led DOJ sent a letter to 44 states warning them it was reviewing their “voter list maintenance procedures” and demanded to know exactly how they intended to purge the names of voters the alt-right Trump administration claims were ineligible.

Most Americans are aware that Republicans, their legislative arm ALEC, and the fascist in the White House despise the idea that all citizens have voting rights, but it is stunning that the Justice Department has embraced voter suppression tactics. It is a major departure from what the Department has done in the past according to the DOJ’s mission statement; ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

According to Vanita Gupta, an Obama Administration voting rights advocate:

Monday’s filing was further confirmation of some of our worst fears about the Trump administration’s crackdown on voting rights. Yesterday, the Justice Department abandoned a longstanding view through numerous court filings across Democratic and Republican administrations that the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 prohibits voter purge practices like the one under litigation in Ohio.”

Ms. Gupta is right, of course, but she stopped short or condemning Sessions’ for abandoning the DOJ’s mandate to protect the people’s rights and enforce the law; including the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993. Instead, this fascist administration’s Justice Department is violating its longstanding mission to “enforce the laws of the United States … and ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

This is the second time the Sessions-led Department of Justice has butted in to a court case it has no business being involved in. Less than two weeks ago Sessions’ issued an evangelical “amicus brief” saying that members of the LGBTQ community do not deserve or enjoy anti-discrimination or civil rights’ protections laid out in the 14th Amendment, Civil Rights Act of 1965, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Under the Trump-Sessions fascist administration, the Department of Justice is as opposed to those federal laws as they are the National Voter Registration Act. It is not in the DOJ’s mission statement to defend violations of the federal laws and in fact according to the DOJ motto, its job is prosecuting violations of those laws.

The DOJ’s official motto, “Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur,” is loosely translated from the Latin and means: “Who prosecutes on behalf of justice (or the Lady Justice).” Perhaps Sessions doesn’t speak or read Latin, but that is no excuse for defending a violation of federal law when he should be “prosecuting on behalf of justice.” If Sessions can read English, he can acquaint himself with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and start doing his job by prosecuting Ohio Republicans “on behalf of justice.”

Whether one does a quick perusal, or a comprehensive investigation, of the Department Of Justice’s mission they will never find any “offices, departments, or divisions” devoted to fighting against democracy, opposing longstanding federal laws, or joining evangelical fundamentalists’ efforts to restrict the constitutionally-guaranteed equal and civil rights of all Americans.  However, that is precisely what Trump’s religious alt-right sycophant running the DOJ has made his raison d’être and it was so important a goal to achieve for Jeff Sessions that he risked federal prison by committing felony perjury under oath during his Senate confirmation hearing.

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